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Bourbon Country: Rolling hills & flaming barrels

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A tale of two bourbon trails

Since the distilleries can be far apart, bourbon country is divided into two main regions: east and south. Meaning east and south of Louisville.

Woodford Reserve (pictured left) is part of the east group, which also includes Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey, Four Roses, Town Branch and Barrel House.

Driving up to Woodford Reserve, you find yourself winding through rolling hills of horse farms with a white fence. You are most definitely in horse country.

The lobby includes a mini museum of how bourbon is made, an interesting prelude for your tour. And the gift shop has some unique wares, from copper bar accessories such as shakers, shot glasses and mint julep glasses to bourbon-flavored coffee.

You'll see 500 feet of barrel run that goes from inside the warehouses to the outside. They look like small train tracks but these tracks are the gravity-powered system used to transport the bourbon.

Oh, and on this tour, you'll also get to meet Elijah Pepper, the resident cat, named after Woodford Reserve's founder and first distiller. He's a cat, so of course, by meet, we mean watch Elijah sleep.

Image source: Cindy Perman | CNBC