ResolutionMD(TM) Accesses Images up to 6 Times Faster Than Other Image-Viewing Systems

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CALGARY, Sept. 24, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Calgary Scientific Inc., a company known for creating transformative technology for the medical industry and beyond, today shared that its ResolutionMD™ diagnostic medical imaging software was formally evaluated by clinicians during a structured research study at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and determined to be significantly faster than the two PACS and desktop image-viewing systems currently in use at the facility. The purpose of the study was to compare three image-viewing products in terms of: diagnostic quality, access time to images, technical reliability, and, clinician satisfaction.

Seventeen clinicians participated in the study. Each had ResolutionMD installed on an Apple iPad and access to two existing desktop applications; a commercial PACS and an in-house developed image viewing system. The time for radiologists to access images for reading using ResolutionMD were 2.7 minutes versus 12.3 and 17.5 minutes for the other systems respectively.

The report concluded that, "ResolutionMD provides high clinician satisfaction, significantly faster image access, comparable diagnostic confidence and ease of use compared with standard of care image viewers. Mobile access to diagnostic radiology images could result in faster patient throughput, lower health care costs and improved patient outcomes compared with currently available systems."

The findings were presented this week at the Medicine 2.0 World Congress in London. The presentation, "Medicine on the Go: Rapid Access to Radiology Images with a Mobile Image Viewer" looked at how accurate and rapid interpretation of medical images is critical after hours and in acute care settings when access is typically limited. There were seven radiologists, four surgeons, four neurologists, two oncologists and two physician assistants who provided data on 552 image-viewing events during the study.

"The results of this study, undertaken by one of the most respected institutions in the world, should be very compelling to the healthcare industry," said Pierre Lemire, President and CTO of Calgary Scientific. "When you dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to view an image and multiply that by the large and growing number of images that are viewed in a year, the cost savings are measurable and significant for any organization that adopts ResolutionMD."

About ResolutionMD

ResolutionMD enables doctors to securely view patient images from a wide array of computers and mobile devices, collaborate with other practitioners and produce high quality medical diagnosis from any location. The FDA cleared, Health Canada licensed and CE marked mobile medical diagnosis software never transfers highly sensitive data to the device, as is the case with other solutions. The enterprise-wide viewing solution integrates seamlessly with multiple healthcare IT systems, optimizing existing infrastructure. The unique patented architecture enables real-time data location and usage and does not copy or cache data between systems. ResolutionMD™ is published in twelve languages and is currently installed in leading healthcare institutions around the world via a network of more than thirty-five world class healthcare partners.

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