Clinton Global Initiative

Bono does Clinton, so Clinton does Bono back

Bono and former President Bill Clinton impersonate each other at the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting in New York.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

President, meet rock star. Rock star, meet president.

Now, impersonate each other.

Bill Clinton, never known for being punctual, ran late for a panel at his Clinton Global Initiative conference on Tuesday. Sensing an opportunity, U2 frontman Bono stepped in with his best Clinton, to much acclaim.

Not to be outdone, the former president decided to do his own Bono during a TV appearance later that evening.

But the question is: Who did whom better?

Watch and decide:

Bono does dead-on Bill Clinton impression
Bono does dead-on Bill Clinton impression

So, which one was the better impersonator?

Clinton as Bono, or Bono as Clinton? (Or should they stick to being themselves?)