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Can you Washington-proof a portfolio?


It seems the DC debt debacle is going from bad to worse. What's an investor to do?

Not only is the nation facing a government shutdown in less than a week, according to new comments made by Treasury Secretary Jack Lew unless the debt limit is extended quickly, the U.S. could run out of money.

In a letter to Congress Lew said that unless lawmakers raise the debt limit, the nation will run into financial trouble as soon as Thursday Oct. 17.

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And Lew also noted that lawmakers don't appear to be working fast enough to avert the crisis. "People have to take seriously the fact that Congress has a lot of work to do in a short period of time and the consequences of their failure are very substantial," Lew said in a separate interview.

Comments like these could spook the market to death.

"Is it possible to insure yourself against the insanity of Washington and immunize yourself against the beltway wars?"

Cramer is determined to do it. And he thinks the best strategy is to "pick stocks right now that have as little to do with Washington as possible."

"I'd look at companies like Boeing, United Technologies, Cummins, and EOG," Cramer said. They benefit from the comeback in global trade and should continue to benefit as long as Europe and China continue to improve.

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Cramer also thinks a government shutdown won't sideline the spending underway by AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint to beef up their networks. "They have to do it to keep up with Verizon," Cramer said in the past. Therefore he thinks telecommunications equipment makers remain buyable. On September 6th, he suggested Alcatel-Lucent as a play on this theme.

"Then there's the remarkable casino stocks like Wynn and Las Vegas Sands and MGM because of Macau," Cramer added. "They too should work," because they're bets on China's blossoming middle class.

You could also look at Facebook, Yahoo! and, Cramer added.

"Nobody is going to say that the business of or Facebook is being hurt by Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or Senator Cruz. These stocks have more to do with Victor Cruz, so far a real fantasy football dud, than Senator Cruz. That's how you immunize your portfolio."

Of course the Mad Money host realizes it won't be possible to completely immunize yourself from the fits and starts of Washington politics. However, "you sure can increase your odds by going global," he said.

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