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Denver, Colorado, Sept. 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Avenir announced the release of Version 2.0 of its ConnectPathTM(http://avenir-int.com/ConnectPath) solution. Developed for the healthcare market, ConnectPath provides an automated calling platform to establish fast, reliable contact between on-site staff and on-call / on-duty providers. It includes analytics to inform decision making on factors like provider response and workload balancing.

As Voice-over-IP (VoIP) adoption spreads through hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, the convergence of voice, data and mobility enables significant new capabilities. However, the prevalence of mobile devices means that people are easier to reach but, in some ways, harder to find. ConnectPath cuts through the proliferation of devices to connect the people who need to talk.

Simple to Use Automated Calling

ConnectPath automatically executes call cascades - for individuals, functions, or teams - with the push of a single phone button. It tries multiple numbers (phones and pagers), and moves on to back-up providers until someone is reached. It then connects back to the requesting phone, eliminating errors and saving time.

In disaster scenarios, teams of any size can be called, thus replacing manual calling which takes too long, has low success rates, and distracts from the task at hand.

High Performance

In a recent customer test, ConnectPath made over 340 calls in twenty minutes while continuously updating progress to inform next steps.

"There's a real need for solutions that reduce the workload on nurses and other personnel," said Sue Kunz, CEO of Avenir. "For emergencies large and small - when time is of the essence - ConnectPath removes a key burden, allowing highly-trained staff to focus on patient care rather than spending time dialing."

Sophisticated Analytics and Professional Services

Driven in part by regulatory requirements, healthcare is rapidly adopting metrics to assess the quality and efficiency of patient care. ConnectPath provides analytics that present actionable intelligence regarding provider performance, workload balancing, etc. This information can be used to improve efficiency - by guiding staffing levels - and to reduce cost - by identifying best-practices among providers.

Easy to Integrate

ConnectPath's intuitive interface is easy to learn, and integrates well into existing workflows. Avenir provides training and offers professional services with custom analytics on results vs. industry best practices.

Eighteen months ago, Granite Falls Municipal Hospital chose ConnectPath after a comprehensive investigation of available solutions. Andrew Rosenau, IT Manager, says: "It was our goal to streamline communications, to increase reliability, and reduce response time. We need to provide certain response during uncertain events, and with ConnectPath we're able to do that."

ConnectPath runs on VoIP desk and mobile phones, including the popular Cisco 7900 series, and is available now.

About Avenir International

Avenir provides integrated voice communication solutions and related intelligence, designed for today's mobile workforce and wireless environments. The company's ConnectPath solution enables hospitals and integrated healthcare networks to operate more efficiently and effectively, resulting in improved care and reduced costs, and increased patient and clinician satisfaction.

For an interview with Sue Kunz or more information contact Matthew Donham:

mdonham@avenir-int.com ; 720-336-1551 or visit avenir-int.com .

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