U.S. Company Splash Water For Life, Creates Safe Drinking Water Out Of Thin Air

Patchogue, NY, Sept. 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bravo Enterprises (OGNG) announced earlier this summer that the atmospheric water taken from the company's patented AIRMAX 3000 (used for home and office purposes) and the AIRWELL 3000 (used for commercial and industrial purposes) has been branded as Splash Water for Life.

Splash Water for Life provides a cost effective solution to the global shortage of drinking water by extracting water from the air and turning it into clean, healthy drinking water. The global water crisis can now be reduced significantly through this innovative method.

Everett Jolly, Editor-In-Chief of Uptick Newswire, recently spent time catching up with Jaclyn Cruz, CEO of Bravo Enterprises. Ms Cruz points out that only 3% of the earth's water is fresh, and that almost two thirds of that is locked up in glaciers and permanent snow cover, leaving 97% of the earth's water supply as salt water. Since there is more fresh water in the atmosphere than all the rivers on the planet combined, the time is right for this revolutionary technology.

The AIRMAX 3000 generates hot and cold de-mineralized crystal clear water from the air which goes through a 5 stage filtration process. The cost of the water is $.03-$.05 per gallon in North America, the same as a standard water cooler with a water jug on top, but you still have to buy the jug of water, whereas with AIRMAX 3000, you don't. In addition, the AIRMAX 3000 also functions as an air cleaner and dehumidifier. No plumbing or water supply is needed; you just plug it in like a water cooler unit. You'll never have to lift a heavy jug again, wait for your water delivery, or need to find somewhere to store your empty bottles. On top of that, it is green and sustainable.

In late 2012, Bravo purchased the worldwide rights for manufacturing, marketing and distribution of atmospheric water harvesters (AWH) from Water for the World Manufacturing Inc. of Wellpinit, Washington. Both the AIRMAX 3000 and the AIRWELL 3000 were developed for the generation of clean, safe drinking water for human use and consumption. The water produced is branded as "Splash Water for Life".

The company is now in the first stages of embarking on a systematic global roll-out of its product line by establishing a sales network in key global geographic markets including North America, Central America and Africa. The company recently signed an agreement with its new Canadian partner and has opened a flagship store in Vancouver, B.C. The company is also launching an e-commerce site and negotiating various distribution agreements throughout North America.

The company has just launched a two year leasing program for the home and office air-to-water machines known as the AIRMAX 3000, with a buyout option. The decision to initiate the leasing program was due to the overwhelming interest it is receiving for the air-to-water harvesting machine. The financing package is designed to accommodate customers by eliminating the financial burden in purchasing the AIRMAX 3000, which can produce up to 8 gallons of clean drinking water per day from the air. Qualifying customers can make arrangements directly with the company on the leasing program available and shipping details.

The company is also launching a campaign to promote the use of it AIRMAX 3000 units in schools starting with the sale of its stainless steel re-useable bottles promoting green technology and sustainability.

A leasing program is being negotiated for the commercial and industrial AIRWELL 3000 currently and information will be released upon completion.

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Jaclyn Cruz, President


For further information contact: 1-888-488-6882

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