10 stocks big money is buying: Cramer

10 stocks the market has 'anointed'

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Cramer says these 10 stocks are still 'buys' even if the DC debt debacle gets really nasty.

Although Cramer thinks a government shutdown will generate knee-jerk selling immediately, even if an impasse endures he also expects some stocks will quickly attract buyers.

Especially the so-called "anointed stocks."

These are stocks that have already generated big gains for the year and are now in favor, if only for the sake of window dressing.

"That's how this game is played," Cramer said. These are the stock I'm confident the big boys will be buying."

Here's what's on Cramer's radar:

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Gilead/ Biogen/ Celgene/ Regeneron

Cramer calls these stocks the 4 horsemen of pharma, meaning they are on the cutting edge of the industry. Their drugs and treatments promise to change the lives of many struggling with disease.

- Gilead
"Gilead is all about Hepatitis C," Cramer explained. "It has a potential cure for this scourge and it could mean billions of dollars for the company."

- Biogen Idec
"It's new anti-multiple sclerosis formulations that are just taking off," commented Cramer.

- Celgene
"The company has multiple anti-cancer drugs on the market and many more that are going to be considered over time," Cramer noted. "It is still cheap on an earnings basis when you look at the outyears. Its Revlimid blood cancer franchise is the biggest blockbuster going today," Cramer said.

- Regeneron
"It's got the best macular degeneration drug as well as a potential for a big anti-cholesterol franchise for those who can't take traditional statins."


Cramer thinks LinkedIn will attract investors looking to leverage social media.

"It's an amazing company that blew away the numbers and is hugely profitable with accelerating revenue growth from both lucrative subscriptions and targeted advertising - I see it as a no brainer for these managers," he said.

Amazon/ Netflix / Tesla

Cramer relizes Amazon, Netflix and Tesla all trade at high valuations, nonetheless, he doesn't think it will dissuade pros from wanting to own these stocks into year end.

"They are cult stocks but in bull markets there are always stocks like these."


Cramer sees Priceline as a bet on the Internet making travel cheaper and easier for both individuals as well as businesses. "The company continues to blow away the numbers quarter after quarter," Cramer said. And it has a terrific management."


Cramer thinks Facebook was simply shunned for too long and it's biting pros in their proverbial bottoms. "There are still money managers who don't own it and are scared to death that people will find out they don't!

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Even if the government doesn't shutdown, Cramer thinks these stocks belong on your radar.

"I think these stocks are going to be in play in a positive way for the rest of the year because the anointing process doesn't stop. Unless there is some substantive change, I certainly wouldn't bet that these stocks will fall."

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