Harper suggests Canada may review BlackBerry deal

What's ahead for BlackBerry?
What's ahead for BlackBerry?

The $4.7 billion takeover of BlackBerry by Canadian insurance company Fairfax Financial may be reviewed by the Canadian government on grounds of national security, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper suggested Thursday.

"It's an evolving situation ... all decisions and particularly in the technology space would be reviewed on national security grounds," Harper told "Closing Bell."

Though Harper wouldn't comment on any one deal, much less the BlackBerry takeover itself, he said the government usually only reviews acquisitions by foreign entities above a certain dollar amount.

BlackBerry Z30
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"In terms of any acquisition, the government is not involved in the acquisition process unless it's a certain level of acquisition that's done as a foreign acquisition. In that case, the government would have to review the decision to ensure that it's within our national interests," he said.

Under the deal, which was announced this week, Waterloo, Onatrio-based BlackBerry would be taken private by Toronto-based Fairfax for roughly $9 a share.

—By CNBC's Drew Sandholm with Reuters. Follow him on Twitter @DrewSandholm