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HOUSTON, Sept. 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BMC Software, the company behind MyIT and BMC AppZone, announced this week the results of the 8th Annual Global Mainframe Survey. The world's largest survey shares insights around the world about the future of the mainframe.

Corporate News

Wondering what the Future Holds for the Mainframe?
BMC Software shared the outcome of the industry's largest mainframe survey. Check it out.

Customer Updates

Comverge is growing quickly, and needed a solution to accommodate growth.
With BMC Remedyforce, they have been able to reduce expenses and increase efficiency.

Thought Leadership

Back to the Future with Hadoop and Big Data

IT is going through a cycle of innovation once again as organizations adopt Big Data. And Hadoop is the technology that is enabling this. It has been a long time since IT has offered business a competitive advantage – and big data is changing that.

I want it all, I want it all and I want it now

According to Mixpanel Trends, the adoption rate of Apple iOS 7 reached more than 35% of the Apple mobile operating system install base. Most software vendors can only dream of such an unbelievable adoption rate.

Harmony in the Cloud

Drummers are a strange breed of musicians. Perhaps it's something to do with expressing themselves by banging things? Or maybe it's being at the back of the stage, behind their kit, and often overlooked - yes, yes, Phil Collins, but apart from him…

What People are Saying

Big data: what's it good for?
Nancy Gohring, IDG News

Mainframe: Alive and well!
David Norfolk, IT-Analysis

Yes, Agile works in larger enterprise projects, too
Joe McKendrick, ZDNet

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