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MOBI Wireless Management

INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (Sept. 26, 2013) - MOBI Wireless Management, a provider of Mobility Management Services (MMS) for enterprises, recently announced that it has been awarded the AOTMP Efficiency First® Solution Certification. This new, distinguished recognition has not been awarded to any wireless or telecom vendor in the industry until now.

The prestigious certification program was configured based on an evaluation of MOBI's solution capabilities against 16 different categories unique to the mobile telecom industry, including but not limited to: reporting and analysis, help desk, sourcing and procurement, and inventory management. The 16 categories are part of the Efficiency First® Framework v2.0, a standard for managing enterprise fixed and mobile telecommunications environments. The highest possible score a company can achieve during the evaluation is 1000; MOBI earned a score of 960.

In addition to evaluating solution capabilities, the report also accounts for solution performance and client experience. Based on AOTMP's assessment, some of MOBI's strengths included its technology platform, as well as its speed of customer onboarding and flexibility. A representative sample of MOBI's customers participated in surveys to assess their satisfaction with MOBI's performance and quality of offerings. Following this particular assessment, no negative trending comments were submitted from clients.

"AOTMP found MOBI's management philosophy and approach conducive to the effective delivery of services to clients," said Timothy Colwell, Senior Vice President of Global Performance Management. "It was apparent throughout the entire certification program that MOBI's commitment to providing quality solutions and positive client experiences are top business priorities. The results of this commitment were validated by MOBI's clients."

The certification process began in March and stands to differentiate MOBI from its competitors, as well as gain market visibility and preference through its solution capabilities' alignment with the Efficiency First® Framework v2.0.

"MOBI is honored to be the first organization to receive AOTMP's Efficiency First® Solution Certification," said Mitch Black, president of MOBI Wireless Management. "This certification is further third-party validation that our mobility management services and the MOBI Platform score highly in meeting the market's and our customers' needs. AOTMP's focus on the mobility industry and position as a trusted advisor to so many Fortune 500 and public sector organizations makes this certification extremely compelling."

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