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LINCOLN, Neb., Sept. 26, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- National Research Corporation and The Governance Institute, a service of National Research, have developed a white paper on leadership implications of customer-centered care for healthcare providers across the continuum, entitled Considering the Customer: Understanding & Influencing Healthcare's Newest Change Agent.

Author Ryan Donohue, corporate director of program development at National Research, presented the white paper for the first time at the 19th Annual International Patient-Centered Care Symposium, hosted by National Research. The event took place September 22-25 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Donohue will be presenting a complimentary webinar on customer-centric healthcare entitled Six Degrees of Separation: The Evolution of Customer-Centric Healthcare on Thursday, October 17. As a bonus, live attendees will receive free access to the white paper. Register here.

The white paper documents research conducted from January 2012 through July 2013 by the National Research Market Insights product, the largest online U.S. healthcare survey. The nationwide research study involved a series of qualitative interviews with 176 healthcare customers and quantitative surveys of 111,448 healthcare customers. While this research will continue, the results to date provide a detailed picture of what customers are looking for in their healthcare journey. The ability to provide customer-centered care is interrelated with managing and improving the health of populations with chronic diseases and the delivery of accountable care. Organizations that move toward the all-encompassing customer-centered care approach will be compelled to consider what happens to the customer at all points along the care continuum.

This publication marks the first joint publication between National Research and The Governance Institute. For more information or to purchase copies of the publication, please contact info@nationalresearch.com or 800-388-4264.

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The Governance Institute is a service of National Research Corporation.

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