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Is JC Penney in a 'death spiral’?

Is JCP's situation 'a death spiral?'
Is JCP's situation 'a death spiral?'

J.C. Penney's offering of 84 million shares could be a bad sign for the foundering retailer, Jeff Lick of Galt Investment Partners said Thursday.

The company announced after the closing bell that it would sell stock in a secondary offering, sending shares 5 percent lower in after-hours trading. The additional stock would be priced at $9.65 per share, totaling $810.6 million and represents a 38 percent increase in outstanding equity.

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Shares of JCP had closed up almost 3 percent, ending the day at $10.42.

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Lick, whose consumer-focused firm had seen 20 percent year-to-date returns, said that the move might have been motivated by outside pressure on the company.

JC Penney issuing 84 million shares
JC Penney issuing 84 million shares

"My suspicion is that the vendor community is basically going to J.C. Penney and said, 'Hey, if you want to be shipped, you're going to need to raise some money,'" he said.

"When companies get into these type of situations, it's a death spiral. They sell inventory for cheap, and the next thing you know, they don't have inventory. And it just goes down and down and down. And that's what pretty much what J.C. Penney is in. So, I suspect that's the issue, is that they need to raise money to buy goods."

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The news of the offering came after J.C. Penney CEO Mike Ullman had said the company didn't need to raise additional capital. The sale of secondary stock could raise nearly $900 million for the company.

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"If he indeed said that, you could certainly make the case that he was looking to goose the stock," she said. "Part of why it was down was fear of a very, very dilutive offering, just like this. So, that was really odd that he would say that."

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Tim Seymour of said that it may be true that the company didn't need the cash infusion.

"If I was about to default on a loan and I knew I had a line of credit over here, I'd probably take it," he said.

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But Seymour also saw another problem.

"At some point with this stock, you feel like what you like to do as a hedge-fund manager is you like to be buying somebody else puke," he said. "If you have a case where you can ascertain the sum of the parts and say, 'Look, this company's obviously not going anywhere anytime soon.' Having said that people have thrown this out the window."

StockMonster's Guy Adami added, "The whole thing stinks."

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