Cramer spies growth ‘far as the eye can see’

No Huddle Offense: A Wall Street theme

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If you're looking for growth, look no further, said Cramer.

The Mad Money host believes that Dunkin' Donuts has plenty of room to expand.

"When the company came public I was shocked to learn that there were very few Dunkin Donuts west of the Mississippi river, and none in California, which represents one-fifth of this whole country. That means Dunkin could have growth as far as the eye can see," Cramer said.

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That's not something you find every day with publicly traded companies, especially one that's high quality.

"There are very few high quality chains that aren't already nationwide," Cramer said, "and when I find one I recommend holding on to it until they fill out the map."

That idea is a tenet of trading for Jim Cramer and one he gleaned from perhaps the best investor of all time – Peter Lynch.

"Lynch said, if you like a store or a restaurant, I mean really like it, others will, too," Cramer explained.

And Cramer sees other reasons to like this stock.
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"So, if you look up where the company has its locations, and you see that there's still a substantial part of the country where they don't yet have any stores, there's a good chance that you might have a winner. At least as long as the balance sheet is sound and the company's well-run."

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