Dr. Parsa Zadeh Offers Gummy Smile Correction Procedures to Enhance Smiles

Parsa Zadeh, DDS

Beverly Hills, CA, Sept. 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Parsa Zadeh offers gummy smile correction procedures to enhance smiles and reveal the natural beauty of teeth. Many people are looking for ways to enhance their smiles and improve their overall appearance. Gummy smile correction procedure is an effective way to brighten an entire smile permanently and effectively. Excess gum tissue can cover the natural teeth and detract from the smile's aesthetics. In some cases, the lip or jawbone may also contribute to the appearance of a gummy smile.

The gummy smile correction surgery may involve a single procedure or several procedures based on the patient's unique smile needs. Dr. Zadeh can treat smiles with mild gumminess or more severe gum exposure as well as smiles that have excessive tissue in just one area or a specific region of the smile. There is no one-size-fits-all procedure that can eliminate gummy smiles. Although the crown lift procedure, which reveals more of the teeth, can be used to treat certain types of gummy smiles, it may not be enough for some cases.

Dr. Zadeh does not offer a single solution but rather a solution that is based on the root cause of the gummy smile. By addressing the reason for the gummy smile, he creates lasting results that enable patients to smile with confidence and enjoy the newfound beauty of their individual smiles. Because each treatment plan is as unique as the patient, the gummy smile correction cost can vary widely. Dr. Zadeh will explain each option and what patients can expect so that they can make the best decisions for their needs.

About Dr. Zadeh

Dr. Parsa Zadeh graduated with honors from the College of Dental Surgery, Manipal. After completing his general practice residency, he passed his dental boards and was among the top 2 percent of all candidates. He continued his education in the fields of restorative and aesthetic dentistry, earned his certification in IV sedation from the California Dental Board and completed his Fellowship in the International College of Oral Implantology. Dr. Zadeh has more than two decades of experience practicing and teaching in his field and is a Fellow of the International Academy of Oral Implantology and the Academy of General Dentistry.

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