Report: Intel's web TV project could die without partners

Intel executive Erik Huggers.
Robert Marquardt | Getty Images

Intel needs help with its pay TV service, and without strategic backers to assist with funding and distribution the project could be scrapped, according to a report in AllThingsD.

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The website reported that Intel had reached out to and Samsung in an attempt to keep its "OnCue" subscription TV project afloat. Intel had hoped to launch the service by the end of the year. Speaking at an AllThingsD's conference in February, Intel executive Erik Huggers said the company was working on a "set-top" box for TVs that would allow viewers to stream video.

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Intel has not finalized a deal with a TV programmer and AllThingsD noted that Intel's new CEO Brian Krazanich, who took over the technology giant in May, has taken a "cautious tone" when discussing the subscription TV project. Intel has said OnCue will deliver traditional pay TV over the web.

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