Atlanta Actors Healthnet Announced as Official Doctors to the Atlanta Screen Actors Guild

ATLANTA, Sept. 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Atlanta Actors Healthnet, a group of physicians serving the Atlanta acting community, have been named the official doctors to the Atlanta Screen Actors Guild. The chiropractors and physicians, led by chiropractor Dr. Jared Simon, have treated a number of notable Atlanta actors, entertainers and athletes. Dr. Simon's patients include entertainer Cee Lo Green and Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist Gwen Torrence. As chiropractor to the Atlanta Screen Actors Guild, Dr. Simon is working to reduce the risk of on-the-set injuries, provide drug-free pain management, and support whole body health from the inside out.

The Atlanta Screen Actors Guild has selected Atlanta Actors Healthnet as the official group of physicians to provide care for Atlanta actors.

Dr. Jared Simon, licensed chiropractor serving the Atlanta community since 1992, founded "Atlanta Actors Healthnet." The program unites community chiropractors, physicians and other wellness providers to create a special network serving the health needs of performing artists.

"Atlanta Actors Healthnet is unique to our community," said Dr. Simon. "This group brings together the best of our local medical and chiropractic talent to support actors' health concerns."

Dr. Simon is currently a chiropractor for the Atlanta Screen Actors Guild and the Atlanta Equity Actors Union. He has treated hundreds of actors for common on-set injuries, such as minor aches and pains. Dr. Simon's goal is to help everyone live a pain-free life.

Dr. Simon has treated many Atlanta celebrities and athletes, including entertainer Cee Lo Green.

"Dr. Simon is an important part of my team," said Green. "When I'm in town I make it my business to get in to see him. I can always anticipate leaving his office pain free."

Dr. Simon also treats Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist Gwen Torrence.

"As a former 3-time Olympian, I thought my injuries were over," said Torrence. "However, I began experiencing pain starting in my lower back thru my buttocks and down my entire left leg. I found Dr. Simon after two unsuccessful doctors. With his experience, knowledge, and positive outlook, he had me out of pain in a week and a half."

"I could barely walk when I came into his office," continued Torrence. "I was having spasms through the night, waking up screaming from the pain. Two weeks later, I could wear heels two weeks later thanks to Dr. Simon's commitment to relieving my pain."

Dr. Simon's work with Cee Lo Green and Gwen Torrence is indicative of his overall approach to pain management and injury rehabilitation. Together with other participating chiropractors and physicians, Dr. Simon focuses on pain prevention, drug-free management and whole body health.

"No one should suffer in pain," said Dr. Simon. "Thanks to Atlanta Actors Healthnet, we're expanding health care to all members of the Atlanta Screen Actors Guild."

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