Veterinarian in La Mesa Launches New Website

LA MESA, Calif., Sept. 29, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- University Pet Hospital in La Mesa, CA announced the launch of a new website, The new website features a user-friendly design that will make it easier for pet owners to access information on the practice's veterinary services as well as general pet care. Website features include a "Veterinary FAQs" page, "New Patient Center" and blog. Pet owners may also use the website's online appointment request form to schedule wellness check-ups.

La Mesa pet owners now have a new online resource for learning more about the basics of pet care. University Pet Hospital has launched a redesigned website featuring extensive pet care information, which is now available to all pet owners for free.

"We are excited to announce the launch of our newly re-designed website," said veterinarian in La Mesa Dr. David Appel. "The new website makes it easier for pet owners to not only learn about the services we offer, but also learn more about the basics of pet wellness care. For example, our 'Veterinary FAQs' page answers a number of commonly asked questions. Now that this information is available online, pet owners can visit our website any time of the day or night for answers to their most pressing questions."

Dr. Appel recommends that first-time pet owners visit the "Veterinary FAQs" page to start learning more about different services. These FAQs answer questions on a variety of topics from pet surgery to boarding. For example, the FAQ information will help pet owners prepare for pet surgery and have a better understanding of what to expect following an operation, like spay/neuter.

In addition to the website's free pet owner resources, the website also includes information on the animal hospital in La Mesa's different pet services. These services include vaccinations, pet surgery, spay and neuter operations, and pet boarding.

"Our animal hospital in La Mesa is passionate about proactive veterinary care," said Dr. Appel. "This starts by educating pet owners about the importance of pet care basics, including proper nutrition, up-to-date vaccinations, and pet surgery like spay and neuter procedures. The website's easy-to-use design will hopefully encourage pet owners to learn more about these services and proactively take steps to ensure their pets live long, healthy lives."

Dr. Appel is also encouraging pet owners to visit the website's new blog. The blog features "hot topics" in veterinary care and answers a lot of frequently asked questions at the pet hospital.

"With the blog, we hope to foster an ongoing dialogue on different pet care topics," said Dr. Appel.

The new website also features a "New Patient Center" and online appointment request form, which will make it easier for pet owners to schedule appointments at the animal hospital in La Mesa.

Pet owners can visit the website at

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