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3 winning health-care stocks: Analyst

3 top stocks under new health-care law

Three companies appear positioned to do well when provisions of the Affordable Care Act are scheduled to go into effect this week, Josh Raskin of Barclays said Monday.

"I guess the way we're thinking about this is in the long run, the companies with the lowest cost structures and the ones that can provide the best value to Americans are going to be the ones that prosper," he said.

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Raskin said that the Affordable Care Act, the largest change in health-care law since Medicare and Medicaid was passed in 1965, would go into effect, despite demands by Congressional Republicans that it be defunded before a federal budget can be passed.

"We're literally a day away here, and while you continue to read media reports around delays and implementation issues, etc., I think we're still on schedule for an open tomorrow," he said.

Top three trades

On CNBC's "Fast Money," Raskin said that three health-care companies — WellPoint, Molina Healthcare and Centene — were well-positioned.

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Wellpoint, he added, was likely at the top of that short list.

"They're going to be the largest player, probably, in the United States, broadly speaking, in health care exchanges," he said.

"The question that it really comes down to is not necessarily how much membership comes into these exchanges, but what kind of membership comes in. there's a prevailing thought out there that those that really need insurance will be the only ones that buy it. And I think that's the major risk, adverse selection, for a company like Wellpoint."

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Raskin also said that companies that stand to do well under the new health-care law were those like UnitedHealth or Aetna, which represented a "tremendous amount of aggregate market share" and instituted new technology.

By CNBC's Bruno J. Navarro. Follow him on Twitter @Bruno_J_Navarro.

— CNBC's Patricia Martell contributed research to this report.

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