Alterna'TV to Launch Hispanic-Focused Wellness Channel, INTI Network TV

CORAL GABLES, Fla., Sept. 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alterna'TV, the bridge between Latin American programming services and potential carriage partners in the U.S, will be introducing the new Hispanic-focused wellness channel, INTI Network TV, to cable television providers in America beginning in October.

INTI Network TV is the new cable television channel and web platform devoted to the well-being of Hispanics. Named after the Peruvian Inca's word for sun, INTI is the source from which life radiates. And life is what INTI Network TV is all about.

The channel's programming nurtures and celebrates the connection between all Latinos -- be that through language, lifestyle, the arts, cuisine or cultural traditions -- as well as their relationship to the environment. Believing that knowing where you come from compels you to know where you want to go, INTI Network TV provides the practical solutions to many of the challenges of modern life. Delivered in engaging programming that not only informs and educates, but also entertains, INTI Network TV is about health, lifestyle, awareness, the arts, travel, relationships, family and community and encourages viewers to experience better health, greater consciousness, prosperity and harmony through an exploration of self – mind, body and spirit. In short, INTI Network TV is "the essence of who we are."

"INTI Network TV is the first programming service to address the distinct interests and lifestyles of the Latino community around the world," said Maricela Hernandez, Affiliate Sales Director for Alterna'TV. "Latinos are very much interested in improving themselves and their environment. INTI Network TV reflects that with original programming on holistic lifestyles, yoga, self-development, spiritual awakening, the arts and Latino culture specifically targeted to today's 25 to 54 year old Latinos."

International television executive Guillermo Hidalgo will be assisting Alterna'TV in giving cable operators the first glimpse of INTI Network TV when he appears on a roundtable discussion addressing the growth of Hispanic TV audiences in the United States during the upcoming Hispanic Television Summit in New York on October 2nd.

The Hispanic Television Summit, produced by the Schramm Marketing Group, is the signature event for those in the business of television intended for Hispanic viewers. It attracts over 500 registrants from the U.S. and Latin America, who are leading executives in pay TV and broadcast, as well as advertisers, agencies, researchers, technology suppliers and financial investors.

About Alterna'TV

As a subsidiary of Latin America's leading satellite service provider Satmex, Alterna'TV serves as a virtual hub between Latin American programming services and potential carriage partners in the U.S. As such, Alterna'TV provides carriers and advertisers with direct access to America's Spanish-speaking communities while delivering Spanish-language programming that is timely and culturally distinct to the U.S' diverse Spanish-speaking audience.

Representing authentic, local and relevant programming from specific channels originating in Latin America, Alterna' TV works with such Latin American programming networks as AyM Sports, CB Tu Televisión Michoacán, Ecuavisa Internacional, Latinoamérica Televisión, Canal 22 Internacional, Mi Cine Canal, Once TV México, Planet X, Telemicro Internacional and Latin American Sports network. Alterna'TV accurately assesses the popularity, demand and audience for these programming services and then provides this invaluable data to carriage partners in the U.S., ensuring a solid fit between content and audience. It also provides Latin American programming partners with unparalleled technical expertise as well as an economical and efficient solution for expanding programming into the United States with the potential of reaching some 44 million viewers.

Among the U.S. carriage partners working with Alterna'TV are AT&T U-Verse; Cablevision's iO en Español; Charter Latino; Comcast; DirecTV; Dish Network; Grande Communications; RCN; San Bruno Municipal Cable TV; Time Warner Cable and Wave Broadband, among others.

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