Lithera Reports Positive Clinical Study Results From Its Phase 2b RESET Trial for LIPO-202, a Novel Treatment for Abdominal Body Contouring


SAN DIEGO, Sept. 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lithera, Inc., a clinical stage pharmaceutical company focused on lifestyle and medical indications in aesthetic medicine and ophthalmology, today announced positive results from its Phase 2b RESET clinical study of LIPO-202 (Salmeterol Xinafoate for Injection). The lead product candidate, LIPO-202, is a novel, physician-administered, injectable pharmaceutical product designed to produce localized flattening of the abdominal treatment area through the non-ablative reduction of subcutaneous fat.

RESET was a 513-patient, multi-center, randomized, placebo-controlled Phase 2 clinical trial designed to measure safety and efficacy of three different doses of LIPO-202 (0.4, 1.0 and 4.0 micrograms (total dose)) in healthy, non-obese subjects with abdominal bulging due to excess subcutaneous fat. Patients received twenty 1 mL subcutaneous injections of LIPO-202 or placebo into a defined abdominal treatment area (~400 cm2) once per week for eight weeks. Trial endpoints included qualitative and quantitative measures of abdominal bulging (contour), as well as the collection of standard safety information.

LIPO-202 showed excellent safety and tolerability at all doses in RESET. Adverse events with LIPO-202 were generally mild and transient and did not differ in incidence or severity across all doses tested compared to placebo; the most common adverse effects were injection site reactions that could be attributed to the injection procedure rather than drug treatment. Ninety-two percent of patients completed the RESET trial per protocol and no patient withdrew due to an adverse effect. In terms of efficacy assessments, the 0.4 microgram total dose (20 x 0.02 microgram/mL) was identified as optimal. Responder analyses using a composite endpoint of a patient self-assessment (5-point verbal Patient Global Abdominal Profile Scale – P-GAPS) plus a clinician rating of abdominal contour (6-point visual Clinician Photo-numeric Scale – CPnS) demonstrated significant efficacy of LIPO-202 at the 0.4 microgram dose versus placebo (p<0.05) in RESET. Significant efficacy was demonstrated with this composite endpoint using both a clinically meaningful 1-point improvement on the P-GAPS or a much higher hurdle of a 2-point improvement on the P-GAPS, both in combination with a 2-point improvement on the CPnS. Patients treated with 0.4 micrograms of LIPO-202 also reported an average of a 2-point improvement on a 7-point satisfaction rating scale. Moreover, patients in this treatment group showed a mean reduction in circumference at the umbilicus of 1.6 cm (versus 0.65 cm for placebo; p=0.001) using a laser-guided manual tape measurement technique. The average reduction in abdominal volume in the treatment zone was 192 cc for the 0.4 microgram LIPO-202 dose versus 68 cc for placebo (p=0.002). Treatment effects were enhanced in the subgroup of patients who remained weight neutral or who lost weight during the nine week trial, consistent with the target patient population for LIPO-202 (non-obese patients who maintain a stable weight and lifestyle and who seek abdominal flattening). For example, the mean reduction in abdominal circumference and volume in the treatment area was 2.7 cm (p<0.001) and 329 cc (p<0.001), respectively, for the 0.4 microgram LIPO-202 dose.

"Results from our RESET trial were consistent with our previous clinical trials, reaffirming our strong confidence in the safety and efficacy of LIPO-202 as an aesthetic treatment to flatten the abdomen," said George Mahaffey, President and CEO of Lithera. "Importantly, RESET has confirmed the optimal dose of LIPO-202 and provided important insights into selecting the proper tools for measuring drug effect. Improvements in abdominal contour with LIPO-202 can be seen within four weeks of treatment and the vast majority of our subjects report no LIPO-202 adverse events. These data, combined with our prior trial results, encourage us to approach FDA for meaningful discussions about next steps to advance our program."

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About Lithera:

Lithera is a clinical stage company developing pharmaceutical and biomedical products addressing both lifestyle and medical indications in aesthetic medicine and ophthalmology. Using FDA-registered drugs approved for use in other indications, Lithera's products target and stimulate natural fat tissue metabolism to achieve non-ablative, non-surgical fat tissue reduction in specific locations. Our lead product candidate, LIPO-202 (Salmeterol Xinafoate for Injection), is a novel injectable pharmaceutical product designed to produce local, selective fat tissue reduction (pharmaceutical lipoplasty). LIPO-202 is currently under development for the aesthetic reduction of bulging in the periumbilical area due to excess subcutaneous fat. LIPO-102 (Salmeterol Xinafoate and Fluticasone Propionate for Injection) is currently under development for the treatment of symptomatic exophthalmos (protrusion of the eye from the orbit) associated with thyroid-related eye disease (also known as Graves' Orbitopathy). Founded in 2007, the Company has assembled an exceptional team of senior executives, employees and advisors and has been financed by top-tier venture capital firms. For more information on Lithera, Inc., please visit

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