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SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 30, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BMC Software today announced the availability of BMC Control-M for Hadoop, a new big data management solution that dramatically reduces the batch processing time for extremely large collections of data sets, simplifying and automating Hadoop batch processing and connected enterprise workflows. The new BMC solution is a purpose-built version of the company's market-leading Control-M workload automation offering.

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BMC Control-M for Hadoop and MetaScale

MetaScale, a unit of Sears Holdings, performs big data analytics for Sears and other major companies worldwide. Working with large integrated retailers, finance and healthcare companies, MetaScale works with vast amounts of structured and unstructured data from various channels. The company moved to Hadoop to better intake, manage, process and analyze this data.

MetaScale implemented BMC Control-M to quickly process and transform this data in their Hadoop environment. It was critical that MetaScale be able to analyze data at a more granular level and further back in time, requirements that were beyond the capabilities of traditional mainframe or Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) software. Using BMC Control-M, MetaScale subsequently was able to slash Sears' batch-processing time, resulting in the company turning off a mainframe system and realizing significant savings.

Apache Hadoop is an open source technical framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications, typically running applications on large clusters of commodity hardware.

Other Key Points to Know

  • The only predictive workflow analytics solution available today. BMC Software specifically designed Control-M for Hadoop to improve service delivery by detecting slowdowns and failures with predictive analytics and intelligent monitoring of Hadoop application workflows. Specifically, it enables clients like MetaScale to:
  • Implement Hadoop applications faster – by automating the development and management of batch workflows using a drag and drop interface that is integrated with Hadoop projects.
  • Enable rapid business change – by connecting Hadoop workflows to enterprise processing for an end-to-end view of service.
  • Integrate with HDFS, Pig, Scoop, Hive, and MapReduce to automate the Hadoop workflow process.
  • Emerging market with significant cost savings. According to Wikibon, the market for managing big data is estimated at $11 billion dollars. It is estimated to be growing at 50 percent or more annually.
  • Business model transformation spreads value into the enterprise. Part of the Sears family of companies, MetaScale offers end-to-end services for Hadoop and big data.

Supporting Perspectives

Scott LaCosse, technical operations leader, MetaScale:

"BMC Control-M provides MetaScale with a control point that allows us to integrate all those big spokes to our hub which is big data. By processing and analyzing large data on Hadoop, we are able to quickly react to changing market conditions and better serve our members through improved competitive pricing and new product launches. And by performing intensive calculations on very large and complex data sets very quickly using Hadoop, we can now reliably meet our production schedule and largely eliminate use of traditional ETL tools."

Shamoun Murtza, director, Office of the CTO, BMC Software

"Nearly 100 percent of the processing jobs that Hadoop executes are batch jobs and Control-M is the world's best batch job scheduler. If you're a company relying on insights from big data and Hadoop for competitive differentiation, you want the best job scheduler. BMC Control-M has rapidly emerged as the compelling solution to the complex requirements Hadoop customers encounter across the spectrum of big data."

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