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Should US companies shut down for the holidays?

We know it's still September, but some of us in the CNBC newsroom on Monday got to talking about, yes, the holidays.

HO, HO, HO!!!

Ah, yes. There are only 85 days until Christmas. We say "only" because for retailers, they'll probably need all the time they can get. After all, many retailers are forecasting weak holiday sales. In turn, expect some retailers to start the holiday shopping season earlier than usual this year.

But all this talk about the holiday season got us thinking: Should American companies just shut down between Christmas and New Year's?

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If businesses were to shutter over the holiday season, it would solve everyone wanting to take time off. It might also increase family relations (we might see the birth rate spike in August, for example). And heck, everything basically shuts down during those two weeks anyway, right?

On the other hand, a business holiday over the holidays would obviously cause productivity to slow to a halt when we need it the most. And let's face it, people will start slacking off weeks before.

But what do you think? Vote now in our "Street Signs" poll!

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