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Cramer: Opportunities haven’t vanished

Be steadfast, don't panic: Cramer

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Sure a protracted government shutdown sounds frightening. But Cramer doesn't want it to scare you out of stocks entirely.

"The fact is, Washington is not and has never been the be-all and end-all of the stock market," Cramer said.

"The key is that these micro, individual stock level opportunities don't go away just because all of the talking heads are panicking about Washington, or the next manufactured crisis or the next. So you need to be steadfast, don't panic, and figure out for yourself what's being driven down too far, what's flying too high, and what's just right. Those are the lessons of Mad Money."

Over the past 10 days or so, Cramer has presented a few themes that he believes should endure no matter what happens in Washington.

Jim Cramer
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

For example, Cramer is a biotech bull.

On Thursday September 26th he cited Gilead, Biogen, Celgene and Regeneron as 4 of his favorites in this space. "All of these companies are making drugs and treatments promise to change the lives of many struggling with disease," he said at the time. (Read More: 10 stocks big money is buying)

Also Cramer is bullish on domestic energy plays.

The Mad Money host believes newly discovered deposits could make North America energy independent by 2020. And although he recommends different stocks as bets on different shales, on Monday September 30th he identified 7 stocks on his energy watchlist as plays on the Niobrara formation. They are Anadarko, Noble Energy, PDC Energy, Bonanza Creek Energy, Bill Barrett Corporation, Whiting Petroleum, Carrizo Oil & Gas. (Read More: 7 energy stocks on Cramer's watchlist)

In addition, Cramer believes a recovery underway in Europe and China is picking up steam. That he says should benefit multinationals.

On Wednesday September 25th, Cramer suggested playing the theme with Boeing, United Technologies, Cummins, and/or EOG. "They benefit from the comeback in global trade and should continue to benefit as long as Europe and China continue to improve," he said at the time. (Read More: Can you Washington-proof your portfolio?)

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No matter if the shutdown ends in an hour, a day or a month, Cramer believes that all of the themes mentioned above warrant attention.

"I don't care what the latest man-made crisis is all about, there will be something you can buy that deserves to go higher.

Cramer says it at the beginning of very show and he means it sincerely. "There's always a bull market somewhere and I promise to try and find it for you. That's what Mad Money is all about."

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