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Stay the course, says Cramer (after 2,000 shows)

Cramer's lessons since his 1000th episode

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The Mad Money host believes the stock market remains one of the most effective mechanisms for wealth creation, anywhere.

And it's not a view he intends to change anytime soon despite rhetoric from a chorus of nay-sayers who insist the market is as vulnerable as it was during the worst of the financial crisis.

Quite the contrary, says Cramer. The Mad Money host sees bullish catalysts – far too many of them - to worry that something dire lies ahead.

Jim Cramer at MM2K show on Wall Street
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

For example, "Hundreds of companies have taken advantage of the Federal Reserve's low interest rate policy to fix their balance sheets, dramatically reducing their interest charges," Cramer said. Therefore they can put money to work buying back shares, issuing dividends or making strategic acquisitions. That's good for stocks.

And don't forget, "Millions of Americans have refinanced their mortgages," Cramer added. That's good for almost every company that benefits from a stronger consumer.

Also Cramer added, in recent years the economy has generated two powerful sources of wealth creation. "Our domestic oil finds and the tech trinity of social, mobile and cloud, " Cramer said. "Both have produced hundreds of billions of dollars in new wealth."

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's also the recovery underway in Europe and China as well as promising new drug treatments; both should attract new money to the market.

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That's not to say Cramer doesn't think the market can trade lower – he thinks it can. It's just that he's not looking for any kind of whoosh lower, like the one that brought stocks to their generational low.

"Will the government shutdown cause the economy to backslide into something dire? No, the western financial world is not in mortal peril," said Cramer. "Stay the course."

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