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Big data experts command big salaries

Althea Chang

The technology job market has been fairly stable and experts in the field tend to get paid well, but big data analytics experts in particular are among the highest paid in the tech realm, according to a recent report.

"It's a six-figure job. Jobs going for $115,000 on average if you have NoSQL or Hadoop—those are two popular big data technologies—somewhere in the job description. And you compare that to the average tech job, which is about $85,000, still very well-paying, but there's a big premium for big data," said Owen Thomas, editor-in-chief of technology news site ReadWrite.

Simply grasping the complications and intricacies of data requires highly skilled workers who can adapt to changing trends as big data gets bigger, according to Thomas.

"You're talking about people who need to know databases and need to acquire entirely new ways of dealing with databases because it's at a different scale than the data they've been used to," Thomas said.

Experience with design tools used to develop software for the iPhone and iPad in particular also command a premium, according to ReadWrite.

"You see a very strong premium for those jobs, more so than with Android-related job descriptions, which is interesting," Thomas said.

--By Althea Chang

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