Facebook and Twitter's growing competitors

Facebook and Twitter may be the dominant social media platforms, but the pool of competitors is growing in size and number.

As photo and video sharing has gained popularity, thanks in part to Instagram, lesser known social apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp are growing as well.


WhatsApp reports about 300 million active users per month. Snapchat users send about 350 million photos a day. That's some fierce competition for the biggest social media names out there, according to Jesse Draper, social media expert and host of "The Valley Girl Show" on YouTube.

And many new social media competitors are, at their root, messaging apps that allow users to send photos and video.

"Messaging apps are actually growing like crazy right now around the world," Draper said. And one in particular is expanding its user base globally, though not so much in the United States.

KakaoTalk, an app that's already popular in Asian countries, has about 100 million users. And to grow its fan base, it allows users develop their own games on the platform, Draper noted.

—By CNBC's Althea Chang.