2WIN!(R) Global Adopts New Strategic Approach to Training: Flip the Classroom Inspired by Academia

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Oct. 3, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dan Conway, 2WIN! Global CEO and Managing Partner has announced 2WIN! Global's new strategic approach to training: Flip the Classroom. 2WIN! Global has evaluated academia's approach to new learning methods and has adopted Flip the Classroom in its training curriculum. In a traditional environment the instructor's responsibility is to deliver the content. The students then go home to apply the content in homework, exercises, and labs. Flip the Classroom turns that on its head!

Ross Jacobson, 2WIN! Global Partner states, "By using the Flip the Classroom methodology, opportunity to change behavior is actually higher. With advances in technology 2WIN! Global delivers content via green screen interactive video and the instructors are freed up to provide personalized virtual coaching where the students work to apply what they have learned." In discussing the format of Flip the Classroom, Mr. Jacobson states, "Also, the training is spread out over multiple days. This allows students to have more time to go back through the material and practice techniques prior to the virtual coaching sessions."

Dan Conway, 2WIN! Global CEO adds, "With the current modern day technological advances, top ranked universities are revamping their curriculums to be more available for today's working adults to continue their education while completing their work obligations." Mr. Conway further states, "…similarly, many of 2WIN! Global's Fortune 100 clients are sales and technical customer facing individuals that directly influence revenue production. Time out of the field is a critical issue; Flip the Classroom allows staff to access the training system remotely and then in addition still receive valuable live coaching via the web. 2WIN! Global's Flip the Classroom offering enables clients to focus on their revenue priorities and yet continue with critical skill development without leaving their office or location."

2WIN! Global has been a pioneer in this area and has been delivering Virtual Led Training for over five years. In 2011, 2WIN! Global began expanding the program by developing and producing green screen interactive training segments. 2WIN! Global is the first worldwide training organization to adopt this methodology, having had over five years of testing with clients, and has now adopted this as a core competence to accommodate clients all over the globe.

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