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Woodland Hills, CA, Oct. 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Guinness Atkinson Asset Management, advisor to Guinness Atkinson Funds, is pleased to announce the hire of Jonathan Waghorn as co-portfolio manager of the Guinness Atkinson Global Energy fund (GAGEX) where he will work alongside existing portfolio managers Tim Guinness and Will Riley. Ian Mortimer, who had previously been part of the fund's management team, will now focus his efforts fully on the Guinness Atkinson Inflation Managed Dividend (GAINX) and Global Innovators (IWIRX) funds, building on his expertise and success as co-manager of these funds.

Guinness Atkinson Global Energy Strategy

Jonathan Waghorn brings 17 years of energy investment and industry experience. He was co-portfolio manager of the Investec Global Energy fund from 2008 to 2012, succeeding Tim Guinness who managed the fund from 1998 to 2008. Prior to Investec, he acted as co-head of Goldman Sachs' energy equity research team.

"Jonathan is a natural fit to join the firm. His rigorous and disciplined investment process is well-known by energy investors and is highly complementary to our team's approach to managing energy portfolios," said Tim Guinness, who is also the firm's chief investment officer. He added, "We remain focused on strengthening our position as one of the leaders in energy sector investing. We believe Jonathan's extensive experience in the energy sector will contribute to that, while further deepening our investment research and enhancing the fund's management process."

Currently, the Guinness Atkinson team believes there are undervalued opportunities in the energy sector that can be exploited. The sector has underperformed since March 2011 and has remained one of the cheapest sectors in the MSCI World Index. Changes in the energy markets, including growing demand from emerging economies, the impact of North American shale oil and gas, and China's transition to consumer-driven growth, could merit investors' increased attention to the sector.

Guinness Atkinson Dividend Strategy

In addition to energy strategies, Guinness Atkinson has also reinforced its focus on other global equity funds, including its total return dividend strategy. In 2012, the firm launched Guinness Atkinson Inflation Managed Dividend Fund (GAINX), co-managed by Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page. "We believe our dividend strategy may serve as an important tool to help investors attempt to mitigate the risks of the shifting interest rate landscape. Giving Ian Mortimer the flexibility to focus his attention on this strategy underscores our commitment to its continued success," explained Tim Guinness.

The fund uses a rare, research-driven approach that looks at the strength of company fundamentals to identify high quality companies that we believe are positioned to pay and increase dividends in a sustainable way.

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