With U.S. Security Associates, Corporate Travelers Never Leave Safety at Home

U.S. Security Associates Inc.

ATLANTA, Oct. 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As companies extend themselves around the globe to be competitive, corporate travel risk programs are increasingly popular. With the help of a security service consultant, there is a lot a company can do to prepare employees for trips to emerging markets.

The Consulting & Investigations team from U.S. Security Associates (USA) is frequently called upon to provide up-to-date travel risk assessments for destinations around the globe. Based on input from reliable local sources, USA's consultants advise whether travel impediments are anticipated and provide insight into situations that involve conflict or threats of public violence.

USA's consulting and investigations professionals inform travelers about matters pertaining to lodging, ground transportation from the airport, cash versus credit card usage, and other important travel details. USA can arrange for in-country security partners to meet clients before they go through immigration, take them to their hotels and show them where they can exchange money. USA provides clients with a picture and phone number of the individual designated for their pick-up.

USA's Consulting & Investigations team also supplies secure on-the-ground transport and executive protection for at-risk global travelers.

Many companies engage USA to provide security training for employees, including training on driving at various levels, what to do if followed, location-specific health concerns, first aid and more. With USA as a corporate travel risk security partner, companies can ensure that employee travelers are fully informed and, if necessary, constantly protected by experienced personnel.

As Jim Milford, Senior Vice President of Consulting & Investigations, says, "We provide travel risk security services so that our clients can always know their element. Because our personnel know which warning signs to look for, there won't be any surprises, and travelers can return from their trips incident-free." Through travel risk assessments, advisories, training and on-the-ground resources, USA empowers companies to effectively prepare employees for safe travels.


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