Yesmail Interactive Introduces Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence: an All-in-one, Full-service Email Deliverability Solution

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yesmail Interactive, an Infogroup company, today announced a significant advancement of its in-house email deliverability service. Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence provides comprehensive inboxing metrics, blacklisting reporting, and email creative rendering at a substantially lower price-point than that of the competition and is further enhanced with custom strategy services.

Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence is available to all marketers, regardless of size, email service provider, or mailing volume and frequency. The solution provides unmatched global ISP coverage and functionalities: it covers over 75 ISPs worldwide, provides email creative rendering for over 40 web, desktop, and mobile clients and enlists the expertise of dedicated deliverability experts.

"Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence is a decisive step to securing a truly all-in-one,full-service solution catering to the traditionally challenging deliverability area that is among the most important components of email marketing," said Michael Fisher, president of Yesmail Interactive. "This service gives small and large brands alike the ability to effectively measure inboxing, identify deliverability challenges and proactively address them before they translate into thousands of dollars in lost revenue."

At an appealing price point, Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence provides an integrated, full-service approach to deliverability and guarantees no separate pricing for complementary service components (technology and deliverability expertise).

The solution is comprised of four complementary components:

Inboxing: provides comprehensive reporting on email campaign placement within a recipient's inbox. It showcases inboxing, bulking and missing rates for each message sent. Inbox reporting covers over 75 global ISPs thus accommodating international client requirements for inboxing measurement.

Blacklisting: provides detailed daily and hourly scanning of a marketer's IPs and sending domains for listings at all major blacklists. It enables marketers to immediately react in the case of a major block instead of unwittingly continuing to mail to recipients that never get their messages and are therefore never given the chance to convert. Instant blacklisting detection can save marketers hundreds of thousands of dollars based on their email program and average ROI.

Creative Rendering: enables marketers to view how email campaigns render in over 40 web, desktop, and mobile clients. This functionality allows brands to optimize their creative to ensure calls-to-action are visible and clickable in all email environments. Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence is the only solution that allows for images to be switched off in all clients and devices. This allowes for improved design in both modes, which results in higher engagement.

Deliverability Strategy: provides a partnership with a knowledgeable and seasoned expert who translates all deliverability metrics into actionable strategy. The deliverability expert helps marketers navigate through any deliverability challenges, reach program projections and proactively implements deliverability best practices.

"As the holiday season approaches, marketers start sending more email and encounter more challenges reaching their subscribers' inboxes," said Jason Warnock, vice president, Market Intelligence and Deliverability, Yesmail Interactive. "Tackling those challenges requires a full-service solution that integrates deliverability measurement, analysis and strategy. Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence provides a solution that caters to marketers' needs by combining robust technology with in-depth deliverability expertise."

To learn more about the new and improved Yesmail Deliverability Intelligence solution, call 1-877-YESMAIL, email or Request a Demo.

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