Are smartwatches ready for prime time?

Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch is out, and the reviews have been less than stellar.

It's expensive and doesn't do much, was CNET's assessment. The Verge said it lacks apps and functionality.

Mark Spoonauer, Laptop Magazine's editor-in-chief, told Tech Yeah! that at $299 the Galaxy Gear costs as much as the Galaxy Note.

He also pointed to a small screen, no official Facebook or Twitter app, and the fact that there's no way to read full emails, just notifications that you have an email.

Spoonauer is more positive about the iWatch.

"Apple is paying much closer attention to the little details and is less willing to treat its users like beta testers," he said.

"Apple could be disruptive in this space because they would own the platform, where as Samsung is trying to build an ecosystem on top of android, which is more difficult," Spoonauer said.