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Jesse Ventura rips pols for shutdown

We need a revolution: Jesse Ventura

The partial government shutdown due to Republican opposition to Obamacare is "ridiculous" and serves as just another reason the electorate needs to do away with political parties, former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura told CNBC.

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"They're willing to shut down the government, affect our national security at the same time … the healthcare bill is that important? To stop that than the security of our nation?" Ventura said on "Closing Bell."

He added that since the Affordable Care Act was passed and upheld by the Supreme Court, he sees no reason to debate President Barack Obama's signature health care reform law any further, much less let it bring the government to a halt.

"This is all political garbage done by these two political parties that need to be replaced," said Ventura, who served one term as an Independent governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003. "We need a revolution of stop electing Democrats and Republicans. They're destroying our country. They have us totally in debt up to our ears. They are totally responsible and notice I'm grouping them together."

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Though Ventura is concerned about the nation's finances, he said he wouldn't join the fiscally conservative Tea Party because he thinks it has been overtaken by corporate interests.

Instead, he called on Americans to reject political parties all together in hopes of cleansing Washington of divisiveness.

—By CNBC's Drew Sandholm. Follow him on Twitter @DrewSandholm