CNBC's Amanda Drury rides a scooter in New York and at work

Amanda Drury and her scooter secrets

Any mother of young kids knows how tough it is to keep up with them. C'mon, you know it's true, it can be absolutely exhausting.

Amanda Drury, CNBC's co-host of "Streeet Signs," had to scoot after her two rambunctious little boys, until she realized the best way to keep up with them, was to join them. They loved to ride around the city on their scooters, so she bought one of her own.

Now, she's a bit of a scooter-pro.

Yep, there she is on the sidewalks of Manhattan on her scooter taking them to preschool, the parks, and on errands. She even kicks her scooter into high gear navigating her way through the city streets to catch the CNBC van to work.

And once here in the studio well, she's still on one of her four scooters (hey, in all fairness our global headquarters is huge).

Mandy shows off her scooter skills in this "Unscripted."

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