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Run-n-Read gizmo: Exercise your body—and your mind

Whistle while you work, read while you run
Whistle while you work, read while you run

Reading on the go has never been so easy. This is what Weartrons, a New York-based group of developers hopes to accomplish with its new gadget. The Run-n-Read device will allow users to read while on an exercise machine or when riding in a moving vehicle.

The Run-n-Read clip-on device connects via Bluetooth with an e-reader application on your or Android operating system. This tiny gadget tracks head and shoulder movement and keeps the text in sync with the reader's eyes, so that reading during exercise feels as if reading a book is taking place while being motionless.

The Run-n-Read only requires a tap of a finger when flipping through the pages of a book. Tapping the device once will turn to the next page of the book and tapping it twice will move back to the previous page.

Source: Weartrons

Run-n-Read includes a rechargeable battery that charges through a USB port and can last up to 20 hours when in use, or for one month when on standby. In addition, it acts as a simple fitness-tracking device that allows the user to count the number of steps taken and the amount of calories burned.

Among the challenges that Run-n-Read users may face are body movement and the correlation to text being read, which varies from person to person. It could take some time getting used to the manner that the text moves as the user exercises.

This device is currently being funded on the Dragon Innovation website and is available to early adopters for $55. Weartrons hopes to begin shipping the product in or before January 2014.

—By CNBC's Erika Santoro.