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Squawking Miller Time, TARP love, and Tesla fire

What a week on "Squawk Box"! Highlights include Warren Buffett, Hank Paulson, and Erskine Bowles on the government shutdown. Plus, a look at a gold-plated Lamborghini and a talk with the guy who drives it to work. This is Talking Squawk—the show's official blog—which provides tidbits, insights and some sarcastic reflections on the WEEK THAT WAS and the WEEK TO COME from the notepad of the senior executive producer.

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Hank the Tank

At a time when Democrats and Republicans can't be in the same room together, it might be prudent to look back to five years ago and reflect with someone who knew how to get the job done when the country needed it most.

TARP may have saved America from financial ruin in 2008. It was passed after then-Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson literally got on his knees and pleaded with then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He did it because he was putting the country, not himself, first. It was the stuff, some say, heroes are made of. He found a way to bring political opponents together in a time of need.

This week, Andrew Ross Sorkin brought Paulson back on "Squawk" to reflect on what went wrong in 2008, where we are right now, and what the future may bring. I hope all of our elected leaders get a chance to watch and listen and hopefully realize what true leadership really means.

The Oracle

Oh, by the way, did I mention that Hank brought Warren Buffett along to give us his memories of the financial crisis, and his thoughts on where we are five years later.

Read all about what Buffett and Paulson said ...
Hank Paulson: Some GOP elements 'hijacked the debate'
Buffett speaks out against DC's 'extreme idiocy'
Paulson on JPMorgan: I shouldn't say, but I will ...
'Breaking Bad' superfan Buffett gives finale A+

Programming note: Buffett was on for only a short time with Paulson, but he's coming back to discuss all aspects of investing in just two weeks.

Check out this blog next week for more details!

It's Miller Time

From 1991-2005, he outperformed the , 15 years in a row. Last year, he hit it big—with a return of about 40 percent—when he bought struggling Netflix and Best Buy.

This week, Bill Miller was back on the "Squawk" set with two stocks he thinks are no-brainers. Listen to Miller's case for age old rivals Apple and Microsoft.

Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles
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Erskine, Please, Please, PleaseHelp us "Fix the Debt"

Erskine Bowles—co-author of the now famous Bowles-Simpson debt commission report and co-founder of the Campaign to Fix the Debtscared us this week when he warned us of "catastrophic" results should America default on its debt. Investors generally don't like the word "catastrophic."

Ommmmmm ...

It's not often we make "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," but when we do we like to say "thank you" in a spiritual-like way, I think?! Here's your "Moment of Zen" with Joe Kernen and our top guy in Washington John Harwood.

Developing Detroit

He runs Quicken Loans. He owns the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers. Now, he's becoming a major force in the effort to revitalize and refurbish the "Motor City." Check out Gilbert's appearance on "Squawk Box" this week and listen to his plan to get Detroit back on its feet again.

Overheard during the break (SPOILER ALERT)

Anchor 1: "Spoiler alert ... In the 'Breaking Bad' finale He DIED!"

Anchor 2: (covering his ears): "I'm not listening, nanananana! I'm still 3 seasons behind, nanananana! I'm not listening! Nanananana!"

Anchor 1: "Died, Died, Died. He Died!"

Anchor 2: "Fine! 'Game of Thrones.' You know what happened at the red wedding?"

Anchor 1: "No I haven't gotten there yet, I'm behind. Don't!"

Anchor 2: "They DIED! They DIED! It was an ambush and they all DIED!"

Anchor 3: "You're all pathetic."

Extreme athlete's swim for Sandy relief

No Pain, No Gain

OK, she's a 64-year-old who swam from Cuba to Key West, Fla., without a shark cage while being stung by jelly fish. You would think 48 hours of hell would be enough time in the water for anybody, but I guess that's why Diana Nyad is Diana Nyad. So now, she plans to swim 48 more hours—this time to help raise money to help victims of Superstorm Sandy. I don't want to ask what this woman does for fun. Click here to watch the interview.

Tip & The Gipper

Are you sick of all the gridlock in Washington? A new book by NBC's Chris Matthews recalls a time when leaders actually took the lead to "Rise Above," when politicians talked to one another, and when Democrats and Republicans put the country ahead of their own ambitions. Wow, what were Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan thinking? Click here to watch Matthews on "Squawk Box," and join his legions of 192,000-plus followers on Twitter at @Hardball_Chris.

Image Source: Yousef Gamal El-Din | CNBC

Can I sell you a Lamborghini?

The best-selling Lamborghini dealer in the country is led by a 26-year-old college dropout from Miami. CNBC Wealth Reporter Robert Frank spent a day at his dealership to see who's spending big on these supercars. Watch this interview and you'll understand the true art of being a salesman. This guy is smooth, and he drives a gold-plated Lambo to work every day. (Yep, it's real gold!).

We also had a Lamborghini shipped to CNBC World Headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., for his "Squawk Box" appearance. Take a tour of this killer ride in our Facebook slideshow.

News Tidbits You Can (Kind-of) Use

BREAKING! The ECB is leaving interest rates unchanged!

(OK, we take it back. We doubt you can use that information for anything. We just do it on the show to make us sound smart.)

Jim Cramer
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

Show 2,000 ... and Counting!

Jim had a big week—taking "Mad Money" to Wall Street to celebrate the 2,000th show on Tuesday! Way to go Jim!

Meanwhile, here's Jim's take on what Warren Buffett thought of the government shutdown.

Tesla car catches fire- detail

Remain Calm

A Tesla caught fire this week when its battery was pierced by a piece of metal. CNBC's Phil Lebeau (aka @lebeaucarnews) reported on the story here.

This type of battery fire story rarely picks up steam or becomes a problem for investors ... just ask Boeing?!

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Word Jumble

Joe and Becky Quick love to play the word jumble in the paper—a "Squawk Box" tradition after the show for seven years running. Joe got two wins this week. Becky had one.

Joe's bonus Jumbled word of the week: RMBEUM

Becky's bonus jumbled word of the week: EBLBPE

*Answers at the end

Mark Your Calendar (or Set Your DVR)

  • Monday: Alan Krueger, former White House Council of Economic Advisers chairman
  • Tuesday: Real estate mogul Sam Zell
  • Wednesday: Energy guru T. Boone Pickens
  • Thursday: Jim Chanos, famed short-seller
  • Friday: Legendary CEO and our old boss Jack Welch

By the Numbers ... (This is what's scheduled this week. But with the government shutdown only God knows what we'll really get.)

  • Tuesday: Trade Gap Data (Aug.)
  • Wednesday: FOMC minutes are released from the September meeting, when the Fed surprised Wall Street and decided not to taper its $85-billion-a-month bond-buying program
  • Thursday: Weekly Jobless claims and Import/Export Prices (Sept.)
  • Friday: Retail Sales (Sept.); Producer Price Index (Sept.); and Wells Fargo earnings

"Corny-Sappy Motivational Business-Based Inspirational Quote" for the Weekend ...

"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right!"
—Henry Ford

—By CNBC's Matthew Quayle. Follow him on Twitter @matthew_quayle.

*Joe's Jumble bonus word answer: RMBEUM=bummer

*Becky's Jumble bonus word answer: EBLBPE=pebble