In-Flight Catering Services: Global Strategic Business Report - 2013 Edition

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Dublin, Oct. 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In-Flight Catering Services: Global Strategic Business Report - 2013 Edition

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "In-Flight Catering Services - Global Strategic Business Report" report to their offering.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for In-Flight Catering Services in US$ Million. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2010 through 2018. Also, a six-year historic analysis is provided for these markets.

The report profiles 71 companies including many key and niche players such as:

  • Air Fayre CA Inc.
  • Alpha Flight Group Limited
  • DO & CO Restaurants & Catering AG
  • Emirates Flight Catering Co. LLC.
  • Flying Food Group LLC
  • Gate Gourmet Switzerland GmbH
  • Journey Group plc
  • LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG
  • LSG Sky Chefs
  • Newrest Group International S.A.S
  • SATS Limited
  • Servair SA
  • TajSATS Air Catering Limited
  • The Emirates Group

Key Topics Covered:


Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1

Disclaimers I-2

Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2

Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3

Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3

II. Executive Summary


Aviation Sector Sets the Tone for Catering Services Market II-1

Impact of Recession in Retrospect II-1

The Changing Face of In-Flight Catering Services II-2

Challenging Times for the Airline Operators II-3

Current and Future Analysis II-3

Developing Region - Frontiers of Growth II-3

Rising Passenger Count - A Key Driver for In-Flight Catering

Industry II-4

Table 1: Airline Passenger Traffic (2007-2011): Revenue

Passenger-Kilometers (RPKs) (in Billions) (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) II-5

Table 2: Airline Passenger Traffic Distribution (2007-2011):

Percentage Share Breakdown of RPKs by Region/Country

(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-6

Keeping Pace with Changing Passengers' Attitudes: A Tough Ask II-6


In-Flight Meal - Close to the Passengers' Heart II-7

In-Flight Catering - the Most Complex Sector in the Catering

Industry II-7

Ground Handling Services- The Backbone of In-Flight Catering II-7

In-flight Food Prices Dependent upon Inflation II-7

Airlines Focus on Lean Operations, Shed Catering Units II-8

Airline Catering Business Lures Private Equity with Steady

Cash Flows II-8

Industry Adopts Novel Concepts in Production, Material &

Process Management II-9

Regulatory Forces Keep Close Watch II-9

Competitive Scenario II-9

Table 3: Leading Players in the Global In-Flight Catering

Services Market (2011): Percentage Breakdown of Value Sales

for LSG SkyChefs, Gate Gourmet, Servair, SATS, Alpha Flight

Group and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-10

Consolidation of the Airport Catering Services Market II-10


Airlines Trying to Enhance In-Flight Catering, Especially in

Front Cabins II-11

Matching Consumer Expectations: Difficult yet Essential II-11

Airlines Extend Premium-Quality Foods to Non-First Class

Passengers II-12

Innovative Strategies to Reinvigorate Catering Sector II-12

Prepackaged Meals II-12

Supplementing Free Meals II-13

Outsourcing II-13

Low Cost Airlines Initiate the Shift towards Paid Food II-13

Other Environmental Factors Add Fuel to the Trend II-13

Local Touch to Buy-On-Board Catering II-13

Business Class Not Immune to Cost Battles II-14

Airlines to Strike Balance between Catering Costs and Brand Image II-14

Regional Impact of Cost Cutting Initiatives II-14

Outsourcing Gains Traction across the Industry Value Chain II-15

Challenges Facing Flight Catering Services Market II-15

Logistics & Food Pricing II-15

Shortening Supply Chain in In-Flight Catering Industry II-16

Security Management II-16

Safety of In-Flight Food Products Gains Importance II-16

Lack of Hygiene & Safety II-16


Definition II-17

Historical Background II-17

Key Stakeholders II-17

Airline Companies II-17

In-Flight Caterers II-18

Suppliers II-18

Distributors II-18

Airline Passengers II-18

Architecture of In-Flight Catering System II-18


Malaysia Airlines Improves In-Flight Meal Menu II-19

Evergreen Apple Nigeria Unveils Wings In-Flight Catering Service II-19

Westjet Unveils Pre-Order In-Flight Meals Service for Select

Flights II-19

Hawaiian Airlines Introduce Local Flavors on In-Flight

Catering Menu II-20

Japan Airlines Unveils New In-Flight Meals II-20

Qatar Airways Introduces New Five Star In-Flight Dining II-20

Estonian Air Unveils New In-Flight Meal II-20

Dragonair Introduces New Seasonal In-Flight Meal Menu II-21

Korean Air Introduces New In-Flight Meal Options II-21

Ladurée UK Introduces In-flight Catering Services for Private

Jets II-21

Dana Air Reintroduces Special Meal for Muslim Passengers

during Ramadan II-21

British Airways Launches New Range of Onboard Drinks and Menus II-22

Thai Airways Introduces Pre-Order In-Flight Meal Services for

Royal Class Passengers II-22

Jet Airways Launches Epicurean Series In-Flight Dining Service II-22

Turkish Airlines Introduces Flying Chef Service II-22

Newrest Launches In-flight Catering Services in French West

Indies II-23

Private Flight Global Adds Features to Private Flight Online

System II-23

Absolute Taste Introduces Squairmeal In-flight Meal Service II-23


Brahims Holdings Acquires Remaining Stake in Brahims-LSG Sky

Chefs Holdings II-24

Global Trade Investment Forms Alliance with Servair II-24

Flying Food Group Adds Kitchen Space for Japanese Cuisine II-24

Royal Air Maroc and Servair Enter into Strategic Partnership II-24

Gate Gourmet to Acquire Dutch In-flight Catering Business of

Alpha Flight Group II-25

Gategroup Takes Over Remaining Stake in SkyGourmet Catering II-25

Air New Zealand and LSG Sky Chefs Sign Agreement II-25

Gate Gourmet to Take Over Two Qantas Catering Group Kitchens II-26

Gategroup and Virgin Atlantic Airways Enter into Agreement II-26

SATS and Singapore Airlines Renew Contracts II-26

Gategroup and airberlin Renew Catering Contract II-27

Journey Group Secures Contract from JetBlue Airways II-27

Gategroup Holding and American Airlines Enter into Agreement II-27

LSG Sky Chefs Signs Agreement with Alaska Airlines II-27

LSG Sky Chefs Secures New Catering Contract from US Airways II-28

Gate Group Enter Into JV Agreement with Travel Food Services II-28

Malaysian Airlines & LSGB Re-negotiate Catering Contract II-28

Brahims Holdings to Expand Business Operations II-28

LSG Sky Chefs Group Inks Partnership Agreement with Finnair II-29

LSG/Sky Chefs Europe and Alpha Flight Group Ink JV Agreement II-29

Travel Food Services and Gate Gourmet Sign JV Agreement II-29

Thomson Airways and LSG Sky Chefs Sign New Catering Contract II-30

XL Airways France and Newrest Group International Enter into

Partnership II-30

Canonica Nice and Newrest Group International Form Joint Venture II-30

Newrest Uganda Inflight Services Establishes Inflight Catering

Unit in Uganda II-31

Entebbe International Airport Establishes In-Flight Restaurant II-31

Japan Airlines Collaborates with Kentucky Fried Chicken Japan II-31

Etihad Airways Enters into Partnership with Abu Dhabi Organic

Farms II-31

LSG Sky Chef Commences Operations at JV Facility II-32

LSG Sky Chef Establishes New facility in Luanda II-32

Virgin Australia Announces Major Enhancement in Services II-32

Gategroup Renews Catering Contracts with United Airlines II-32

Gategroup and Virgin Atlantic Sign Catering Agreement II-32

Servair Unveils Modernized SkyChef Servair in Seychelles II-33

dnata Acquires Interest in Wings Inflight Services II-33

Universal Weather and Aviation Acquires In-flight Catering

Business of Air Chef Holdings II-33

Gate Gourmet Switzerland Inks Agreement with Iberia II-34

LSG Sky Chefs Forms Joint Venture with First Catering Produktion II-34

Bangkok Air Catering to Establish Second Facility at Phuket

Airport II-34

SATS Investments Acquires Minority Interest in Adel

Abuljadayel Flight Catering II-35

Empire Aviation and Private Flight Global Ink Agreement II-35

Newrest and EBX Group Form Joint Venture II-35

United Airlines Extends Contract with LSG Sky Chefs II-35

Alpha Flight Group Inks MoU with LSG Lufthansa Service Holding

to Form JV II-36

British Midland Awards Short Haul Catering Business to LSG Sky

Chefs II-36

Gama Aviation Enters into Agreement with Private Flight II-36

LSG Sky Chefs Re-Enters Chicago Market II-37

dnata Acquires Alpha Flight Group II-37

Gate Gourmet Switzerland Purchases Majority Interest in

Skygourmet Catering II-37

Blue Sky In-Flight Catering Establishes Production Facility at

Morristown Airport II-38

Ri-Yaz Hotel & Resort to Invest into Airline Catering Business II-38

GuestLogix and Alpha Flight Services Enter into Partnership II-38

First Catering and Newrest Form Joint Venture II-38

Air Tahiti Nui Selects Newrest Group International II-39

Newrest Spain Secures Multiple Contracts II-39

Rizon Jet Selects Private Flight Global as Provider of In-

Flight Catering Services II-39

gategroup Holding Inks Contracts with Delta Air Lines II-39

Royal Jordanian and Alpha Flight Services Extended Contract II-40


DO & CO Restaurants & Catering AG (Austria) II-41

Flying Food Group, LLC (US) II-41

Gate Gourmet Switzerland GmbH (Switzerland) II-41

Journey Group plc (UK) II-42

Air Fayre CA Inc. (USA) II-42

LSG Lufthansa Service Holding AG (Germany) II-42

LSG Sky Chefs (Germany) II-43

Newrest Group International S.A.S (France) II-43

SATS Limited (Singapore) II-43

TajSATS Air Catering Limited (India) II-44

Servair SA (France) II-44

The Emirates Group (UAE) II-45

dnata (UAE) II-45

Alpha Flight Group Limited (UK) II-45

Emirates Flight Catering Co., LLC (UAE) II-46


Table 4: World Recent Past, Current and Future Analysis for

In-Flight Catering Services by Geographic Region - US,

Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), Middle

East, Africa and Latin American Markets Independently

Analyzed with Annual Revenue Figures in US$ Million for Years

2010 through 2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-47



A.Market Analysis III-1

Current & Future Analysis III-1

Recession and the Aftermath III-1

Passenger Count - An Indication of In-Flight Catering

Dynamics III-1

Table 7: Passenger Yields in the US Airline Market

(2011): Breakdown of Yield (in Cents Per Mile) by Select

U.S Airline Companies (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-2

Table 8: Average Food Spend Per Passenger by Airline

Company in the United States for 2011 (includes

corresponding Graph/Chart) III-3

North American Airlines Adopt New Approach towards In-Flight

Food III-3

Lean Manufacturing Leads the Way III-4

In-Fight Catering- Localized and Personalized III-4

Airlines Team up with Advertisers to Offer Branded Products III-4

DIY Catering: To the Rescue in Remote Locations III-4

Increasing Lack of Adequate Safety Precautions in Airline III-5

Strategic Corporate Developments III-5

Flying Food Group, LLC - A Key Player III-9

B.Market Analytics III-10


A.Market Analysis III-12

Current & Future Analysis III-12

Product/Service Launch III-12

B.Market Analytics III-13


A.Market Analysis III-15

Current & Future Analysis III-15

Strategic Corporate Developments III-15

B.Market Analytics III-16


A.Market Analysis III-18

Current & Future Analysis III-18

Impact of Reorganized EU VAT System on In-Flight Catering

Services in Europe III-18

European Airlines' Buy-On-Board Services III-18

In-Flight Caterers Adopt Novel Marketing Methods III-19

The United Kingdom III-19

UK In-Flight Catering Market Aligns with Global Trends III-19

Russia III-19

Russian In-Flight Catering Market - An Overview III-19

Changes Abound in Airline Catering Industry III-20

Rising Consumer Preferences Incites Changes to Services III-20

In-Flight Catering Industry Faces Food Safety Challenges III-20

Product/Service Launches III-21

Strategic Corporate Developments III-23

Key Players III-27

B.Market Analytics III-30


Market Analysis III-32

5a. CHINA III-35

A.Market Analysis III-35

Current & Future Analysis III-35

High Air Passenger Turnover Expected to Fuel In-Flight

Catering in China III-35

Strategic Corporate Development III-35

B.Market Analytics III-36


A.Market Analysis III-38

Current & Future Analysis III-38

India III-38

Market Scenario III-38

Low Cost Carriers Offering Considerable Growth

Opportunities to In-Flight Caterers III-38

Challenges Faced by In-Flight Caterers in India III-39

Branded Foods Find Favor with Airlines III-39

National Carrier Bows Down to Pressure III-39

Rise of Halal Tourism in India III-40

Chartered Airlines - The Sunrise Sector III-40

Flight Caterers Mull over Diversification into Retail

Business to Remain Afloat III-40

Competitive Scenario III-41

In-flight Catering Witnesses Resurgence III-41

Product/Service Launches III-42

Strategic Corporate Developments III-44

Key Players III-48

B.Market Analytics III-50


A.Market Analysis III-52

Current & Future Analysis III-52

Middle Eastern In-Flight Catering Market to Surge III-52

Middle East Carriers Ahead in On-board Catering Services III-52

Back Catering - An Emerging Trend in the Market III-52

Rising Passenger Traffic to Drive Saudi Airline Catering Market III-53

SACC Dominates Airline Catering Service Market in Saudi Arabia III-53

Strategic Corporate Developments III-53

Key Players III-55

B.Market Analytics III-57


A.Market Analysis III-59

Current & Future Analysis III-59

Product Launches III-59

Strategic Corporate Developments III-59

B.Market Analytics III-62


A.Market Analysis III-64

Current & Future Analysis III-64

Strategic Corporate Development III-64

B.Market Analytics III-65


Total Companies Profiled: 71 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 80)

The United States (14)

Canada (1)

Europe (25)

- France (3)

- Germany (3)

- The United Kingdom (7)

- Italy (1)

- Spain (1)

- Rest of Europe (10)

Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (27)

Latin America (1)

Africa (6)

Middle-East (5)

Caribbean (1)

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