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LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, LLC, an interactive media company, will launch two new fan-powered interactive media sites during the first week of October as it continues to build innovative use-cases for its powerful collaborative storytelling platform.

Wikia is partnering with Theatrics to bring fans around the world a virtual version of the Wikia Live Cosplay Contest during New York Comic-Con, which will run for one week starting on October 7.

"The Ghost Club" is a "Storyscape" – a new web-based interactive reality show aimed at the millions who conduct their own ghost-hunt excursions (and their fans), starting on October 7 and continuing through Halloween and beyond.

Each project demonstrates a unique application of the Theatrics' platform to empower passionate fan communities to co-create and share unique content.

  • The Theatrics platform will enable Wikia fans to participate virtually in a Cosplay contest that also takes place live from Comic-Con New York. The virtual contest is a first for Wikia to offer to its 300,000 fan communities as another creative avenue to celebrate what they know and love in pop culture.
  • "The Ghost Club" offers ghost-hunting fans a place to document and share their adventures, and interact with others who love the paranormal world, including fans of popular ghost-themed movies and TV programs. The project, created by Atlanta-based production company The Secret Club and Michael Mailer Films, launches as fans are getting ready for Halloween, and is part of a transmedia "Storyscape" that includes a forthcoming independent feature movie, a series of webisodes, a ghost-hunting wiki and an iOS augmented reality app.

Other recent projects on the Theatrics platform include PSYCH The S#cial Sector (with USA Network); Welcome to Sanditon, the sequel to the hit web series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (from Pemberley Digital), and Aurelia: Edge of Darkness (from independent Lisa Walker England).

"Theatrics is all about empowering fan communities," said Biff Van Cleve, CEO,, LLC. "That's why we're excited to help Wikia, the largest fan destination on the web, power a contest that brings their Comic-Con experience to Cos-Play folks around the world. And -- just in time for Halloween -- we'll become headquarters for sharing the ghost hunting expeditions of fans across the globe."

"We're excited to try the Theatrics platform as a way to extend the offline Cosplay Contest to our communities in a truly collaborative fashion," said Jennifer Betka, Senior Vice President, Wikia.

"We want ordinary ghost-hunting fans to 'Join the Hunt'," said producer Hank Blumenthal. "The Ghost Club Storyscape empowers people to participate in ghost hunting by creating their own character or club. You can take advantage of our advice, tips, and tricks and post your evidence to be evaluated by a community of Skeptics and Believers. Fans can also lean back and watch the videos and stories that are posted about the modern day investigators of the Ghost Club storyworld."

About, LLC is an interactive media company that has developed a cloud-based platform enabling collaborative video communication within entertainment, B2B, and B2C environments. The software allows managers to create their own media-sharing site and open it to other users to upload videos, stills, and text while maintaining full control over the process. Theatrics' tools encourage user involvement in the creative process while leaving control with the storyteller or manager.

About Wikia

Wikia, the social universe for fans, by fans, is the home for social fandom and the ultimate source for powerful and relevant pop culture, entertainment and game expertise. It is the definitive place for people to contribute to the assembly of original bodies of multi-media content around subjects they know and love. Using Wikia, anyone can form new communities around any subject or participate in over 300,000 existing communities by reading or contributing new content. With over 30 million pages of rich content, Wikia's communities are the most authoritative information about any topic on the Internet. Wikia's video game vertical ( is a leading video-game focused network on the Web. Its entertainment vertical ( is the fastest growing U.S. entertainment destination around the world.

Launched in 2006 by founders Jimmy Wales and Angela Beesley, Wikia attracts more than 91.4 million global unique visitors per month and is ranked a Quantcast Top 35 and comScore Top 100 Internet site, as well as a Nielsen Top 10 social network. or @wikia

About The Secret Club, LLC

The Secret Club is a company that specializes in stories across media with a special focus on transmedia storytelling for television and movie properties. We have special expertise in Augmented Reality applications and games, Alternate Reality Games, Branding across media devices, and the transmedia storytelling approaches that integrate stories across more than three platforms.

Michael Mailer Films

Michael Mailer has been working extensively in the independent film business since graduating from Harvard University in 1987. He co-wrote and produced his first feature film, A Fool And His Money, starring Sandra Bullock and George Plimpton, in 1988. Since then, Mailer has produced over 20 features, including six since Michael Mailer Films was established in 2004.

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