XenonFS Offers Unique Solution to Manage Challenges Associated With Drayage, Reducing Time and Associated Costs by Up to 90%

LONG BEACH, Calif., Oct. 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- XenonFS, a full service drayage technology management provider, announced today that it is offering a new approach to improve drayage service while reducing costs. By carefully analyzing drayage operations, XenonFS is able to quantify the total time and costs associated with first and last-mile cargo moves using customized tools to reduce operating staff time and costs by up to 90 percent on many drayage moves.

XenonFS cites the amount of time logistics companies spend managing end-to-end drayage moves and the hidden costs they incur as a result. The man-hours associated with such tasks as finding the right vendor, verifying compliance, establishing credit, making payments and tracking the shipment, often are not evaluated as a part of the drayage costs. These indirect costs add up quickly, however, especially on unfamiliar and complicated drayage shipments.

XenonFS's founders set out to fill a gap in the market created by these inefficiencies. They built a solution that connects all parties in a multi-modal move, both electronically and operationally.Drayage information is consolidated into a single system in one location via XenonFS's web portal or by integrating with their customers' existing operating software. This ensures that drayage movements are completely aligned with connecting carriers and shipments move smoothly from origin to destination.

"What differentiates us is our approach. We offer a unique spin on traditional brokerage by combining cutting-edge technology with best practice consulting," says Stacy Lange, director of key accounts for XenonFS. "Drayage is complex, time consuming, and, often, time sensitive. Slow reactions or responses lead to additional costs. These costs typically are neither uniform nor transparent, which adds more uncertainty to the process."

Lange says that XenonFS' intuitive and sophisticated web-based application is easy to navigate and has a modern look and feel. "It helps our customers choose the rate they want so they can book it and forget it," she says. "The tracking features provide a greater degree of visibility to container status which improves operational efficiency and cuts down on the time and effort involved in chasing providers for status updates," Lange says. "XenonFS allows overseas agents to obtain quotes and book drayage online, regardless of where they are located. This is a tremendous advantage to global NVOs who frequently have to estimate drayage costs in advance."

While this alone is powerful, Lange adds that the system is backed by a veteran team "working behind the scenes and drawing on decades of industry experience to deliver a superior service."

"We are all from the industry and we understand the processes. We also know that many companies these days are tasked with doing more with less and dealing with headcount constraints," says Lange. "Our solution allows our customers to focus on satisfying their customers and potentially growing their business."

Because the leadership team at XenonFS has first-hand experience with the inefficiencies embedded in the drayage process, "our passion and mission is to help logistics providers simplify and align the first and the last mile of cargo moves." She says XenonFS is so confident of its service that it is offering a free drayage analysis to 3PLs, forwarders and NVOs to demonstrate how the solution can reduce time and costs of drayage management.

These time and operational cost savings can be significant. She cites as example a company that handled 5,000 shipments per month, incurring total staff and operating costs of roughly $1,680,000. Using XenonFS's proprietary technology and partnership-driven model, this figure could be reduced to $168,000, says Lange.

"Until now, drayage may have lagged behind in tools and technology to manage its processes, but XenonFS is changing that – our innovative and elegant solutions promise to revolutionize the drayage process!" noted Lange.

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