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Cramer: Weep your heart out Saudi Arabia

Pioneer CEO: Great partnership with China
Pioneer CEO: Great partnership with China

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There are still themes in the market that should continue to work no matter how nasty it gets in DC.

Take, for example, the energy revolution underway in this nation. Cramer believes developments are just too big and powerful to be sidelined by Beltway bickering.

The energy revolution is so big, "the United States is about to pass Russia to become the world's largest producer of oil and gas," Cramer said. "Weep your heart out, Saudi Arabia!"

Although there are many ways to put money behind this theme, Cramer advocates researching the various shales in which deposits of oil and natural gas have recently been discovered, then determining which companies are best positioned to profit from the discoveries.

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Of all the companies that will likely benefit from reserves found in the Permian Basin, located in Texas and New Mexico, Pioneer Natural Resources is among Cramer's favorite plays.

"The company is sitting on top of vast quantities of oil, particularly in the Spraberry oil field, where Pioneer is the largest producer, with 900,000 acres generating 225,000 barrels of oil per day," Cramer said.

Cramer finds those statistics impressive. And it appears Wall Street does too. That is, shares have already rallied more than 80% ytd and at current levels the stock is trading at 32 times next year's earnings estimates with a 15.6% growth rate.

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"That's not cheap," Cramer admitted, but the trend is so strong the Mad Money host doesn't think it's unreasonably expensive either.

Put this one on your radar, Cramer said. "I think it's worth buying on a pullback. The trend could transform our nation, "and this company's growing production like crazy."

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