Mobetize Welcomes Three Industry Leaders to Advisory Board

BELLEVUE, Wash., Oct. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mobetize Corp. (OTC:MPAY), a technology leader in mobile commerce payment solutions, today announced the appointment of Dr. Malek Ladki, Wayne LeRoux and Harminder Gill as advisors to the company.

Mobetize Co-Founders Stephen Fowler and Ajay Hans said the addition of the three esteemed industry figures brings business leadership, vision and experience to Mobetize. Mobetize, whose common stock became eligible last week for trading under the symbol, MPAY, is accelerating the migration of traditional e-commerce to mobile payment. The company's smart solutions platform provides telecommunications operators and payment gateways unparalleled mobile functionality in bill management, payments, recharge, domestic money transfers, international remittances, point-of-sale functionality and numerous other related technologies.

The three newly welcomed Mobetize advisors are:

  • Dr. Malek Ladki, a highly experienced TMT executive with over 21 years of experience of starting, growing and exiting businesses internationally, running global telecoms infrastructure projects and holding a variety of senior management roles with network operators, and FTSE100 software vendors. Malek has also held several board-level roles with multinational telecoms infrastructure solutions and suppliers. Malek has founded and successfully exited 3 highly innovative Telecoms and IT products/solutions businesses while helped launch a number of 1st tier telcos in Europe and the US. His technical expertise spans several disciplines in Telecoms, IT, Software and Hardware development and he holds three patents in network optimization. His vast experience in leading hyper-growth startups, growing emerging technologies and restructuring business is an asset to Mobetize. Malek graduated with a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering in 1987 and went on to study for a Doctorate in Engineering and earned his PhD in the telecommunications from the University of Liverpool in 1990.
  • Wayne LeRoux, an experienced executive, and entrepreneur, with over 40 years of leading payment technology companies. Most recently he has served as the Executive Vice President for Chase Paymentech Solutions, LLC as well as advisor for Sterling Payment Technologies. Previously Wayne was President of LeRoux, Pitts and Associates, a software company specializing in electronic payments which was acquired by NYNEX. Wayne was the President and Chairman of TransNet, and has had various positions at IBM Canada. Wayne holds a diploma of technology from British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Harminder Gill, a business professional experienced in both building and growing start up and mid-stage telecom service providers and in restructuring telecom service providers to improve performance and profitability. He is a seasoned telecommunications executive with demonstrated expertise in connecting market opportunities, technology innovation, and high performance operating models. Harminder has a solid background in Product Marketing, Strategy, Finance, Regulatory, and Operations specifically in the technology industry. He served as VP of Business Development at Ledcor and has most recently moved on to the VP of Strategy and Marketing. Previously Harminder was one of the Founders at Alligato Mobile Inc. as well as the VP of Technical Operations at Wavefront. Harminder holds an MBA from UBC and a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from the same university. Proven technical strength across a broad set of telecom technologies in both wireless and wireline environments.

"These three business luminaries bring unsurpassed expertise to Mobetize just as we are entering our high-growth stage," Messers Fowler and Hans said in a joint statement. "The three combined have extraordinary knowledge of the entire mobile-commerce sector, from telecom companies to payment processors to enterprise and retail customers. Our advisors serve as tremendous assets to Mobetize as we endeavor to fulfill the promise of mobile commerce."

Mobetize, is a world leading Mobile Money Enabler. Leveraging it's network of international corporate partners, Mobetize provides both telecommunications operators and payment gateways unparalleled mobile money functionality and numerous other related technologies.

Mobetize's smart Solutions platform is specifically designed to enable telecommunications operators to increase customer retention, maximize Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) and minimize churn. Through their partnership with Mobetize, operators are able to seamlessly promote the smart Solutions including money remittance & transfer, bill management and global airtime recharge to their end users.

For Payment Service Providers, Mobetize brings a swift, simple delivery of mobile commerce to merchants and their customers. Payment companies can use Mobetize to accelerate and simplify their introductions of mobile super wallets, mobile Point-of-Sale functionality and mobile self-checkout. Mobetize is designed to optimize anytime/anywhere mobile commerce and achieve increased payment transaction volume via a secure, reliable and easy-to-deploy mobile interface.

About Mobetize

Mobetize Corp. (OTC:MPAY) is a world leading Mobile Money Enabler and a technology leader in mobile commerce payment solutions. Our smart Solutions platform empowers our partners to increase ARPU and decrease churn while making unsurpassed improvement to customer retention. Mobetize solutions add unparalleled mobile money functionality with unrivaled simplicity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Mobetize's brand-able platform brings the industry's most complete mobile money solutions platform to both telecommunications operators and payment gateways. Mobetize enables its partners to offer mobile services including secure and easy bill management, payments, recharge, domestic money transfers, international remittances, point-of-sale functionality and numerous other related technologies.

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