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OAKLAND, CALIF., Oct. 8, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Now available on Netflix, "Weed Wars," a four-part mini-series originally aired by Discovery Channel in December 2011, gives a first look at America's premier medical cannabis dispensary, Harborside Health Center in Oakland and San Jose, California.

WEED WARS follows Oakland's Harborside Health Center, as run by national cannabis leader Steve DeAngelo, his brother Andrew DeAngelo, and co-founder David Wedding Dress. The nation's largest, not-for-profit, model medical cannabis dispensary, Harborside Health Center is a collective that offers its 128,000 registered patients complimentary holistic healing services, lab-tested medicine, free delivery and education. In 2010, the dispensary faced an onslaught of federal intervention that threatened its existence. "Weed Wars" chronicles the effects of these attacks, as well as the day-to-day aspects of running the country's largest model medical cannabis dispensary during a critical transition between burgeoning state-enacted marijuana legislation and the federal government's ill-fated, draconian drug laws.

Throughout the reality-documentary television series, viewers become intimately acquainted with the DeAngelo brothers, both of whom are wildly engaging, articulate, determined, intelligent, occasionally zany but always passionate about cannabis and dedicated to the patients they serve. Perhaps more importantly, "Weed Wars" chronicles the heartbreaking struggles of patients, illuminating their need for medical cannabis and deep appreciation for the safe access to medicine that Harborside provides. The show also offers a rare glimpse into cannabis cultivation, documenting the many challenges large and small-scale growers encounter in producing California's biggest cash crop.

"Anyone who has ever bought pot in a cloudy Baggie or a wad of tinfoil…will be impressed by the modern face of marijuana retailing as portrayed in the new Discovery Channel program 'Weed Wars.'" – The New York Times

"A well-crafted, behind-the-scenes look at California's largest marijuana dispensary, Weed Wars is sure to spark further debate about medical cannabis, if not the outright legalization of pot in America." – The Hollywood Reporter

"If half the battle in reality TV is unearthing colorful characters, 'Weed Wars' already looks like a winner." – Variety

Tell your readers they can now go to Netflix and instantly stream "Weed Wars" for a fascinating look into medical cannabis in California, featuring the dynamic DeAngelo family and the dedicated staff working at America's premier medical cannabis dispensary, Harborside Health Center.

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