Boehner: Can't raise debt ceiling without addressing borrowing

Boehner: 'Didn't come here to default on our debt'

House Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday said he was disappointed with what he called President Barack Obama's refusal to negotiate on a government budget.

Boehner made his comments just two hours after President Obama made his case for ending the government shutdown and raising the debt ceiling.

The speaker called the president's position "unsustainable."

Boehner also said the House couldn't raise the debt ceiling without doing something about the government's borrowing.

"I certainly didn't come here to default on our debt," Boehner said, adding that there would have to be a negotiation on reducing long-term deficits.

In his news conference earlier Tuesday, President Obama said he told Boehner in a phone call that he would not hold talks under the threat of a debt default or of keeping the government shut.

Tuesday morning, Boehner said he was "not drawing any lines in the sand" and was willing to negotiate with the president.