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ATLANTA and WASHINGTON, Oct. 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blaise Mouttet recently engaged Adapt IP Ventures to sell or license his patent portfolio relating primarily to crossbar technology within memristive systems. Whereas crossbar technology to-date has largely focused on data storage, Mouttet's portfolio embodies programmable crossbar arrays for signal processing. By replacing traditional transistor technologies with memristive crossbar systems, Mouttet's IP affords faster processing speed and adaptability across waveform generation, signal filtering, broadband communication, and pattern recognition applications.

Mouttet expands on his portfolio noting, "The memory resistive technology of my patents offers new capability in pattern recognition and real-time adaptive control by overcoming the Von Neumann Bottleneck resultant from segregating memory and processor circuitry."

Over the past six months, several major announcements confirm the near-term commercialization efforts that deploy memristive technologies across memory and signal processing applications. Most recently in August, the $25 Million, DARPA-backed Crossbar Inc. came out of stealth mode claiming that its manufactured RRAM technology achieves "20X higher performance and 20X lower power than NAND, and 10x the endurance at half the die size." In June, Panasonic publicized that it developed a low powered circuit for neural network systems by way of the world's first ferroelectric memristor. Finally, in April, Hewlett Packard, who has also partnered with the 6th largest semiconductor company in SK Hynix toward developing memristor storage technology, announced its intentions to commercialize memristor-integrated products by the end of 2013.

Brian Bochicco, Vice President at Adapt IP Ventures, echoes the recent news commenting, "After several years in university and corporate laboratories, memristor technology now appears poised for commercialization by major industry players. Accordingly, the acquisition or licensing of the Mouttet patent portfolio will yield an immediate and defensible competitive advantage to the ultimate buyer or licensee."

A representative sample of Mouttet's 17 issued patents is below:

US7302513 Programmable crossbar signal processor
US7459933 Programmable crossbar signal processor used in image processing
US7488950 Crosswire sensor
US7609086 Crossbar control circuit
US7629694 Interconnections for crosswire arrays
US7902867 Memristor crossbar neural interface
US8183554 Symmetrical programmable memresistor crossbar structure

Over 50 patent references cite Mouttet's patent family members, the leaders represented by Hewlett Packard and Micron Technology and other notable forward citations include patents assigned to Triple Point Capital, Samsung, IBM, Searete, Unity Semiconductor, GlobalFoundries, Motorola, Qualcomm and Agilent Technologies.

Companies interested in receiving information on this patent portfolio are encouraged to contact Adapt IP Ventures.

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