AMVETS Leadership Furious About Government's Mistreatment of Veterans and Their Families During Shutdown

WASHINGTON, Oct. 9, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today AMVETS National Executive Director Stewart Hickey released a statement regarding the shameful acts of our nation's government during the shutdown in regards to the veteran community and their and their families' hard earned benefits.

"This government is out of control, the control of the American people," said Hickey. "When we cannot take care of the families of our war dead, families who have sacrificed their children, husbands, wives, etc., on the altar of freedom and liberty then we have ceased to function as a republic."

While the Department of Defense finds the money to recall 350,000 employees back to work, and buy a $47,000 mechanical bull to use as a National Guard recruitment toll, they choose not to find the funding for our fallen heroes and their families.

"What does this say about our priorities as a nation; what does it say about the DoD," asked Hickey. "Are our children merely tools for the DoD to use, break and throw away when they no longer 'work?' I am furious about how we as a nation are mistreating these families; this is a national disgrace unfolding before our very eyes. I believe that whoever made this decision should be removed from their position immediately."

Executive Director Hickey has three sons who enlisted in the Marine Corps directly out of high school to fight in the Global War on Terror. He, along with the entire AMVETS Family knows what it is to sacrifice for their nation. Each time an American is killed in action they know it could have easily been their own family that paid the ultimate price for freedom.

"I feel for the families, but to have this insult hurled at them by the very government their children were serving, transgresses politics, decency, bureaucracy or any conceivable excuse," said Hickey. "This is gross incompetence and negligence. Again, I call for accountability and the removal of those responsible for this national travesty. Those responsible obviously don't have concern for our citizens who serve our nation in the armed forces."



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