5 Reasons More Stores are Carrying Natural Pet Foods

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NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Millions of families who have pets are fed up with the majority of the commercial foods that they have to choose from. As a result, more stores are beginning to carry natural pet foods, which offer a safer and more nutritious route to feeding peoples' pets. One company in particular, the Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation, has quickly grown to having their all-natural pet food products for sale in roughly 1,600 stores in North America.

"People are tired of pet food recalls and food that makes their pets sick," explains Will Post, president of Hounds & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation. "As consumers learn more of the facts about the majority of commercial pet foods out there, they are demanding better. We are filling that need and giving them exactly what they want, and what their pets need."

Based in New York City, the Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation broke the mold of commercial pet food. They have grown into a company that has placed their foods in stores throughout Canada, as well as in the United States, particularly in the southern states. Through several distributors, their products are now available in a wide variety of stores, including their two most recent additions, Camp Woof in Georgia, and Doolittles in South Carolina.

Here are 5 reasons why more stores, and consumers, are reaching for natural pet food varieties such as those offered by Hound & Gatos:

1. Better ingredients. Their products do not contain generic livers and grains. Consumers know they are getting a product that is made from higher-quality ingredients.

2. Safer products. Consumers are fed up with all of the pet food recalls that have taken place regarding many commercial pet foods. They want products that are made here in America, and they want to feel safe about feeding them to their pets.

3. Meats rule. Rather than pet foods that are filled with by-products and fillers, Hound & Gatos sticks with using only meat in their foods. They offer a variety for consumers to choose for their pets, including such flavors as salmon, rabbit, beef, lamb, and trout. They will also be offering exotic flavors, such as kangaroo, deer, and duck.

4. DNA testing. Many cheap brands of pet food are filled with more than by-products and fillers. The meat in the product often comes from numerous sources. Hound & Gatos uses a single source of protein, and they engage in DNA testing in order to ensure accuracy.

5. Healthier diets. Pets were created to eat meat. When people feed them products filled with everything else, and very little meat, it is detrimental to their health. Hound & Gatos pet foods are meat-based, providing pets with a more natural and healthier diet. Avoiding harmful ingredients can help pets to live a healthier life, reduce allergies and sensitivities, maintain proper weight, avoid urinary tract problems and diabetes, and help to prevent dental problems.

"We have never had a pet food recall," added Post. "That's because we produce a quality food, made from quality ingredients, and we make it in accordance with high standards, right here in America. Our growth has been explosive. Consumers have spoken, and they are ready for the tide to turn in the pet food industry."

Hound & Gatos Pet Foods are available through such distributors as Lonestar Pet and Summit Pet Products. Additional stores their products are available in include Bark N Purr in Austin, Nourish Pet Care in Houston, Jefferson Feed in New Orleans, Saluda River Pet in Greenville, South Carolina, Kirkwood Feed in Atlanta, Ruckers Feed in Cumming, Georgia, Dizzy Dogs in Nashville, and TailsSpin in Savannah, Georgia.

Cats and dogs thrive on a pure meat-based diet, such as the product line offered by Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation. Their product line is 100 percent animal protein, meat-based, and avoid ingredients that pets should not have, including by-products, fillers, and plant protein. The pet food is sold around the U.S. and in 600 stores across Canada. To learn more about Hound & Gatos, including where to buy products, visit their site at: www.houndgatos.com.

About Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation

Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation is based in New York City. Their mission is to provide the public with high quality pet food options for dogs and cats. Their line of pet foods focus on all quality ingredients that provide maximum nutrition, and avoid all by-products and other ingredients that would generally be unnatural to a pet's diet. For more information on Hound & Gatos visit the site at www.houndgatos.com.

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