BoostSuite Integration with Bigcommerce Brings Big Business Marketing Optimization to Small Businesses

DURHAM, N.C. and AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Building an e-commerce store is the first step to becoming a successful online business. But just building a store doesn't guarantee results like a growing audience and a steady flow of online orders.

Leading e-commerce platforms like Bigcommerce allow anyone to launch and configure an online store, but many small business owners lack the expertise to use these configuration options to their full potential.

BoostSuite today announced the integration of their marketing optimization system with leading e-commerce provider Bigcommerce. With this integration Bigcommerce store owners can now use BoostSuite to grade their current marketing efforts and see a prioritized list of required changes to improve their marketing results.

"Our integration with Bigcommerce has created the easiest path for small businesses to go from launching an online store to building a successful online business." said Aaron Houghton, co-founder and CEO at BoostSuite. Houghton added that "While BoostSuite allows any website owner to improve their marketing results on their own, BoostSuite is particularly effective for e-commerce stores because purchases are conducted directly on their websites."

By using the BoostSuite and Bigcommerce integration, store owners can now fix existing issues and act on new marketing opportunities in BoostSuite and their changes are instantly synced to their Bigcommerce stores with a single click.

"BoostSuite is such an easy to understand tool to improve your SEO. I think it is perfect for any small business owner who wants to improve their ranking and conversions... I would recommend BoostSuite to anyone who wants to increase sales from their store." said Becky Yuen who is using BoostSuite to optimize her online store which was built on the Bigcommerce platform.

BoostSuite makes solving a variety of complex marketing problems incredible easy. It does this by breaking the important marketing techniques of search engine optimization, content marketing, and on-site conversion optimization down into simple one-minute tasks that anyone can do on their own.

Users see customized tasks - based on opportunities found in their real marketing data - that represent the best opportunities for promoting their unique businesses.

Bigcommerce users can try BoostSuite on their stores for free by visiting the BoostSuite listing in the Bigcommerce Apps Marketplace. Just select the Marketing category, locate the BoostSuite listing, click the "View App" button then click "I want this app" to get started.

Or go directly to the BoostSuite listing in the BigCommerce Apps Marketplace (


BoostSuite allows small business marketers to get more website visitors, sales leads, and customers by optimizing their websites on their own. BoostSuite starts free and successful websites choose from paid plans starting at just $19/month.

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