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Russian millionaires splurge $200,000 in bar tab battle

Russian millionaire bar bill battle is 'receipt porn': Frank

Two Russian multimillionaires racked up a £130,000 ($207,116) bill between them in a head-to-head contest to see who could amass the biggest bar tab.

The men got into a spending competition last night during the Amsterdam-themed special event at private members club Kitsch, which opened last Wednesday.

They began by ordering high-end champagne bottles Dom Perignon and Cristal, in order to match each other.

Around 2.40am when the tabs were paid, the bills stood at £66,778.91 and £64,279.70, totalling £131,058.61. Service charge alone came in at over £8,000 per bill.

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The receipts (recreated below) featured drinks such as bottles of 1990 vintage Krug champagne, Chivas Regal whisky, several Espresso Martinis and magnums of Belvedere vodka.

One reveler clocked up £41,400 on 30 magnums of Cristal at £1,380 a bottle.

The victorious clubber jumped up and down waving his receipt while the bills were added up in the early hours of the morning at the nightclub in Old Burlington Street, London. Kitsch could not reveal the identity of the millionaires.

"It was one of the most bizarre nights I've ever seen. These two guys were competing with each other to buy more and more champagne — each time one would buy five bottles the other would order six, then seven, then eight," a clubber told London's Evening Standard newspaper.

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"There was a massive crowd of stunning women around each table in no time and frankly these guys needed some help drinking it all anyway.

The venue was opened last Wednesday by nightclub owner and restaurateur Mark Fuller and Russian club promoter Serg Ivo, who is starring in the new Fox reality TV show, Meet the Russians.

Exclusive nightclubs have seen their fair share of big spenders. A young businessman spent £203,948 on a night out at the Playground Club in Liverpool in March 2012. Dexter Koh, who describes himself a talent agent, celebrity photographer and PR splashed out £120,000 a London nightclub Aura last December.

—By CNBC's Arjun Kharpal: Follow him on Twitter @ArjunKharpal