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10 best hotel restaurants around the world

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Top 10 hotel restaurants

Expense account or not, it's always nice to sit down to a great meal when you're on the road. And, after a long day of travel and meetings, it's a bonus if the hotel you're staying at has a restaurant serving something beyond the stereotypical "hotel restaurant" food.

"A good restaurant—located in a hotel lobby or not—is certain to attract serious diners from the neighborhood, as well as travelers from around the world," notes The Daily Meal, a website devoted to "All Things Food and Drink."

For the second year, The Daily Meal editors created an anonymous survey and enlisted the help of experienced bloggers, restaurant critics and other food and lifestyle writers from around the world to create the list of 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World. To narrow down the list, editors limited the contenders to hotels with at least 15 rooms and to restaurants that were on-site, not just nearby a hotel or under the same ownership.

The Daily Meal's 2013 list of 101 Best Hotel Restaurants includes many places frequent business travelers already may be familiar with from conventions or other business functions, said Colman Andrews, editorial director of The Daily Meal. "Both business and leisure travelers appreciate the convenience and prestige—with business contacts—of having world-class dining right in their hotels," he said. "This is especially true of business travelers on tight schedules." Here's a look at 10 top hotel restaurants as selected by The Daily Meal.

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