Portland Chiropractor Reports Benefits of Chiropractic Aid in Auto Accident Injury Treatment

PORTLAND, Ore., Oct. 13, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Portland chiropractor is spreading the word about the benefits of chiropractic evaluation and adjustment for patients suffering from auto accident injuries. Dr. Samantha Stuart DC, PC states that her clinic has seen significant success in diagnosing and treating a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries and nerve problems caused by such accidents. "It is especially important that people understand the need to get themselves checked out by a chiropractor following any kind of automotive collision or impact, whether they are in pain or not, so they can receive prompt care," says Dr. Stuart.

Vehicular accident injuries can result in a spectrum of physical problems including neck pain, back pain, pinched nerves and torn muscles, according to the Portland chiropractor. One of the most commonly reported such injuries is whiplash, a condition in which the head is whipped forward and backward with enough force to dislodge vertebrae, herniate discs and tear soft tissues. As a result, patients may have headaches and/or be unable to turn their heads without pain.

"Whiplash treatment at our clinic typically involves chiropractic adjustment to correct damage to the cervical spine," says Dr. Stuart. She adds that lower lumbar injuries are not dissimilar to cervical spinal injuries, except that displaced lumbar discs can pinch the lower nerve roots to cause sciatica (referred pain and other symptoms to the legs) and severe back pain.

Dr. Stuart is quick to point out that a car accident injury may not reveal itself through pain or other symptoms until long after the incident has passed. The danger, she warns, is that people will think they are in perfect health when in fact they are going through life with a subluxation or soft tissue injury. "In many cases these injuries try to heal themselves incorrectly, and this results in lumps of scar tissue called adhesions," says the practitioner, adding that adhesions can painfully restrict muscular action and range of motion while preventing full, normal healing of the injured area. Additionally, spinal subluxations can grow progressively worse until suddenly an impinged nerve or strained muscle causes severe pain, weakness or other symptoms.

For these reasons, Dr. Stuart urges anyone who has been involved in a car accident to seek a chiropractic evaluation as quickly as possible. The Portland chiropractor explains that if a spinal problem is detected, various adjustment techniques such as Thompson Technique or Diversified Adjusting may be employed to correct misalignments and preserve proper nerve function. Dr. Stuart creates customized treatment plans that may also include massage, physiotherapy, corrective exercises and other non-invasive healing and rehabilitation techniques.

In addition to car accident injury diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Samantha Stuart DC, PC provides preventative wellness care, nutritional counseling, massage therapy, physical therapy, headache and migraine treatment, sports chiropractic care and other services for Portland residents.

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