Fall Drink Recipes are a Tasty Treat for Designated Drivers

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Oct. 14, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) is reintroducing its autumn-inspired non-alcoholic Designated Driver Drinks, or "DDrinks," just in time for Halloween and other festivities that accompany the season. The 'Sansgria' and the 'Five Spice Pear Buck' feature favorite fall ingredients, such as apple and cinnamon. These drinks are popular, non-alcoholic options for looking for creative alternatives to typical holiday cocktail recipes.

Both recipes resulted from the public-private partnership with OTS and bars across the state, contributing to OTS's larger effort to eliminate drunk driving and encourage the use of designated sober drivers. These two drinks hail from two well-known Sacramento establishments. The 'Sansgria' creation is in partnership with Paesanos restaurant and is a great non-alcoholic alternative to the favorite concoction, featuring mandarin oranges, bananas, apples and peaches. The drink is topped with cinnamon for a festive flair. The 'Five Spice Pear Buck,' made of five-spice syrup and pear puree, was developed in partnership with Centro Cocina Mexicana.

"The DDrink campaign is not only about providing new drinks for designated sober drivers, it also serves the greater purpose of eliminating the less positive social connotations that have accompanied the designated driver role in the past," said Chris Cochran, Assistant Director of the Office of Traffic Safety. "DDrinks are great to serve at social gatherings, because they encourage designated drivers to be a part of the good time while still maintaining their responsibility to remain sober."

The DDrink campaign is focused around hand-crafted non-alcoholic drink recipes submitted by food and drink establishments in cities throughout California: Sacramento, Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles. The interactive OTS Facebook tab features all current DDrink recipes and provides quick access for patrons who may want to try one of the featured drinks at home or suggest it to their local bartender. For more information on the fall drink recipes, the DDrink campaign, or for a list of participating bars and restaurants, visit the OTS Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CaliforniaOTS.

CONTACT: Chris Cochran (916)509-3063 chris.cochran@ots.ca.govSource:California Office of Traffic Safety